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51 Thoughts Everyone Has While Grocery Shopping

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1. Oh, great. There are stray carts in every parking spot.

2. I'll just park far away and walk.

3. Did I remember my grocery list?

4. Oh right, I didn't write one.

5. Hmmmm, OK, what do I need?

6. What do I have left at home?

7. I'm feeling kind of hungry.

8. There is so much good-looking food here.

9. No one should ever go grocery shopping while hungry.

10. OK. Time to hit the produce.

11. Why are these plastic bag things so hard to open?!

12. Are people staring at me as I struggle to open this bag?

13. Where are the cheaper apples? Are they hiding them from me?

14. Should I spend two extra dollars on this organic spinach?

15. It'll probably taste better, so I'll just get it.

16. I'll think of it as a reward. I deserve it, right?

17. What ARE some of these things?

18. There are some real weird-looking fruits and vegetables out there.

19. Maybe I should be a more adventurous cook.

20. Eh, next time.

Bill Boch/Bill Boch

21. Ooohhh. Fresh fish. Fish is so good for you. I should definitely cook more of that.

22. OMG this is so expensive.

23. Frozen it is.

26. Wait, are there samples on that table?

27. There are samples on that table.

28. Time to approach.

29. Act swiftly, but don't look too greedy.

30. Wow, that was pretty good.

31. But there's no way I'd actually buy it.


33. Look at all this beautiful cheese.

34. I wish I were rich enough to buy fancy cheeses every week.

35. Hmmm, are any of these on sale?

36. I'll just get whatever's on sale and make it work.

37. Wow, my cart is getting pretty full.

38. Do I really need all this stuff?

39. Whatever. I'm sure someone at home will make use of it.

40. I should really eat healthier.

41. OMG the snacks aisle.

42. One bag of chips.

43. Oooohhh, candy.

44. Am I too old for candy?

45. No.

46. OK, I should really go pay now.

47. WTF? How are the lines this long?

48. This shifty-looking shopper better not cut in front of me.

49. Oh, great, of course someone decided to hold up the line with a bajillion coupons.

50. Ugh. Never grocery shopping again.

51. Next week will be more successful, I swear.

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