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15 Small Victories We All Hope For Every Day

It's the little things in life that matter.

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1. Waking up BEFORE your alarm goes off.

AKA waking up and realizing you can sleep longer.

2. Turning on the shower and realizing the water is already hot.

3. Encountering ZERO TRAFFIC on your morning commute.

4. Or arriving on the platform at the same time as your train...

5. ...AND managing to get a seat.

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6. Getting praised or promoted for your hard work.

7. Gettin' PAID.

8. Telling a joke that's wildly successful.


9. Receiving a flattering compliment.

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10. Beating a personal record at the gym.

11. Connecting your phone to the charger right before it dies.


12. Getting home and realizing that someone else replenished the supplies.


13. Taking off your pants and relaxing after a long day.

14. Arriving at a restaurant or bar and finding out it's still Happy Hour.

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15. Checking out at the cash register and realizing everything is way cheaper than you thought.

Nothing feels more victorious than saving $$$. Ibotta is here to make you feel like a winner every day.