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18 “Game Of Thrones” Characters Ranked According To Dateability

A deadly serious ranking of our Westeros faves from worst to best. See your favorite characters in new ways with the Exclusive Enhanced Editions of A Game Of Thrones on iBooks, featuring interactive maps, custom illustrations, and other unique features.

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We had Game of Thrones nerds take on the grave responsibility of ranking the book characters based on their relationship potential/swoonworthiness. In this ranking, you win our hearts or you die.

Our GoT experts:

Eileen (30), Jake (25), Jo (30), Kirk (24), Ari (36), Dan (26), and Emily (23).


Didier Graffet / BuzzFeed

Jo: I feel bad about this, but gurl needs to chill.

Ari: There’s a lot to like here, but pass: She’s married to her job, and she seems to have no sense of humor.

Kirk: OH HELL YEAH. I PLEDGE FEALTY TO HOUSE TARTH. Plus I think she deserves a lot of love.


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Ari: I’ll take a pass on all 50 shades of Greyjoy.

Kirk: This is either like dating the bad guy in an ‘80s high school movie OR some weird worm-person, so either way NO.

Jo: Come on, guys, give him a chance! He’ll probably overcompensate in a lot of ~interesting~ ways. *wiggles eyebrows*

Jake: Jo, stop.


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Jake: Soft pass. ;)

Kirk: He's really nice. Such a good friend. A friendly friend. That I don't want to kiss. Ever.

Dan: Caring and gentle, adventurous, selfless… I could totes settle down with Sam!

Jo: Ugh, we'd be sleeping in separate beds. No offense. But no.


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Eileen: Possibly the least dateable person in history or fiction.

Ari: Ramsay NO-lton

Emily: TBH, I’d take the dogs and run. Give those dogs a better life!

Jake: I would be that archery girl who gets pushed off a ledge in the end. I am not picky.


Magali Villeneuve / BuzzFeed

Eileen: OMG the baggage with this kid. No.

Jake: Jon Snow would try to get me to go to some outdoorsy restaurant where I have to grill my own meat. Hard pass.

Kirk: He’s like the angsty middle child of the Stark kids. PLUS he took an oath of chastity. Plus he knows nothing. Hard pass.

Jo: Jon Snow apparently knows how to do ONE thing well so...dateable #1. ;)


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Eileen: You’d totally hook up with him but then deny it to your friends.

Jo: I forget who this is. Oh, is this Bran? Is that legal even?!

Emily: Bronn is the guy who would forget your birthday, grab a terrible last-minute gift, and then claim for a long time that he put a lot of thought into it.


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Jake: Cersei and I would have a fun time insulting each other in a playful way, and she wouldn’t expect any intimate time because I’m not related, so I’m game.

Ari: Hard pass. Did all that deadly-game-playing nonsense in high school.

Kirk: You can’t compete with her OTP of Jaime. Plus dating her is a death sentence.


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Kirk: Too forgettable for me. Plus that guy’s never gonna get ahead.

Jo: Yes, he is dateable, but like you’re not into it yet he’s so hot that you just keep going on the dates even though you’re just NOT INTO IT.

Ari: Not if he drags me to his family’s weddings.


Magali Villeneuve / BuzzFeed

Jake: The Red Lady would teach me things about myself and the world that I’m not super comfortable knowing. I’d settle for a casual hookup relationship.

Jo: One great ~adventurous~ date and then you wake up and you’re bleeding from your ears and have somehow delivered three babies overnight. Nah, brah, think I’ll pass.

Ari: I have no problem with older women, but homegirl is 400 years old, which is way out of bounds for my “divide by two, add seven” rule of dating.


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Jake: Duh.

Kirk: The Knight of Flowers? The sexiest knight of all? YES.

Jo: Is this the old stone dude? That guy will straight-up lock you up in his basement for 20 years. Not my kind of date.

Ari: Jo, have you even read A Game of Thrones?


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Dan: Strong, sexy, independent woman with drive, wit, and unparalleled charm? Yes, please.

Eileen: She’d totally be into you at parties and even hook up with you randomly but never want to actually date because she "just doesn’t have time.” Until literally like a week later you hear she’s dating someone and they’re super serious and she just didn’t want to date you.


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Ari: I’d sign up to be the Baby Daddy of Dragons.

Kirk: Khaleesi! None of us are worthy to date her, but I’d be honored to comb her hair, massage her feet, and offer her counsel.

Emily: The thing about dating Daenerys is you’d have to contend with all the sad dude advisors she’s currently friend-zoning. Like half the date would be trying to politely suggest that Jorah Mormont go brood in the other room.


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Jo: Tyrion is the most dateable of dateables. Smart, witty, intelligent, entertaining... UGH JUST DATE HIM ALREADY.

Jake: Tyrion would compliment me a lot and promise to give me money regardless of what I do. I like money, so yes to this one.

Ari: Love him, but let’s be honest: He’s employed, like, a billion ladies of ill repute. Dude’s a petri dish.


Magali Villeneuve / BuzzFeed

Eileen: Most dateable person in GoT.

Kirk: You know what they say: wildling in the streets... ;)

Ari: A ~little~ more murdery than I usually go for, but, like, yeah. Obvs yeah.



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Jake: If Danny is the moon of his life, I am cool being that random cloud that hangs around every once in a while and cries over his beauty.

Kirk: I’d like to catch him and ride him like a horse. But like literally.

Jo: I’m dating Khal Drogo right now and loving it.


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Dan: Podrick is 100% the most eligible bachelor in all of Westeros. He’s a fast learner with a strong work ethic, loyal, and knows how to swing both of his, erm, large swords. ;)

Jake: I’d let him draw me a bath.

Kirk: I’d be hesitant at first, but he’d wear me down with his good humor and attitude. Plus I wanna see Pod’s bod.

Jo: I mean, duh.

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