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" Thank You Taker" A Fan's List

It's Been little Over a month since The Dead Man left his gloves in the ring and said goodbye to an illustrious career in the WWE . Expanding over 7 World heavyweight title reigns a Royal rumble Victory and lets not forget to mention 21 straight Wrestle-mania Victories a feat that will no doubt stand the tests of time. But what is it about the Phenom that's just so Captivating ? Here i will be giving you some of my overall favorite moments and things about the Undertaker spanning his 33 year career.

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1. "Old School"

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The Move set. Not as Popular as the " Chokeslam " "Last Ride" or even the "Tombstone Piledriver" The Deadman No doubt had a Slew of Moves in his arsenal but one of the great things about Pro wrestling is the performance in the ring that captivates you and makes you suspend belief , and nothing is more captivating than a 6ft'10 300 pound Deadman tightrope walking and dropping a blow to the back of your head. A move that definitely Personifies The Phenom's ability to showcase his agile side making him a even more difficult foe in the ring . A move he would continue to use until retirement you knew a big clothesline from hell was coming when he grabbed his opponents arm and fluttered about the ropes #VintageTaker

2. Buried Alive Match

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That's Right Every single one of them, Undertaker has Had his fare share of crazy gimmick matches from Coffins to Inferno's but some of my best Memory's were watching Buried Alive matches The premise? Beat your opponent senseless throw them in a grave and well... Bury them alive. Fading out of view with the Last One Being in 2010 they had pretty much run its course and not nearly as popular as the Undertakers specialty match "Hell in a cell" which we will be getting to shortly , i cant say i blame them for getting rid it of it I mean what do you do with all that soil ? and not to mention the Deadman is a whopping 1-4 in Buried alive matches with his only win being in a tag match with Paul Wight aka The Big show for the wwe tag team championships .

3. The American Bad Ass


in May 2000 The Deadman reemerged on the scene this time dawning a Motorcycle, bandanna and a Limp Bizkit theme song and completely taking the WWE by storm . From having a Hardcore Championship reign to Nearly Breaking Jeff hardy in half with a chokeslam from a Ladder The ABA was nothing to scoff at, and if you weren't a Taker fan before you bet your damn ass you became one then as he brawled his way to the top Capturing the tag titles with his brother Kane forming the "Brothers of destruction " and even facing down the Likes of The beast Incarnate Himself Brock Lesnar in a Series of Classic Matches .

4. King of the Ring 1998

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Remember how i said we would be getting to "Hell in a Cell" ? well here we go The Phenom has been in a countless Hell in a cell matches with the Likes of Kane, Shawn Michaels Cm Punk , but it was the one at King of the ring 1998 against Mick Foley (mankind) that stands out the most for me, and i mean for obvious reasons. Well for starters it was in Pennsylvania !! (my homestate) and secondly UNDERTAKER THREW HIM OFF THE TOP INTO THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE ! Not to the discredit of Mick foley who was carted off and climbed back up only to receive a chokeslam threw the top of the cage . This is hands down one of the greatest matches in wrestling History surrounding the Deadman himself .

5. The Entrance

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And here we finally Have it My all time favorite thing and memory of The Deadman Himself THAT ENTRANCE THO . I was Recently watching " Over the edge" 1998 on the WWE Network ONLY 9.99 =) and during the main event Between Steve Austin and Dude Love The lights went out and that bell tolled and it hit me all at once just like that crowd , i completely forgot about Austin who at that time was on top of the world and white hot , I forgot about the title on the line , i had goosebumps and was enthralled i had fallen in love with the aspect of pro wrestling again , The Undertaker came out and instantly took the entire crowds energy thats the kind of power he had a true performer of the ring and The entrance is perfect a slow Methodic pace for such a tlanted and graceful performer and i slowly realized that's it, he hung his gloves up, he left his gear in the ring after his last match at Wrestlemania 33 . As wrestling fans we will never hear those bells toll again the lights wont fade to black and the sound of an organ wont be leading out the single most commanding persona in wrestling history to the ring . Its a sad yet beautiful moment if you ask me that it lead me to share some of my favorite moments and things about A legend of the ring that i had the pleasure of Growing up with . #ThankYouTaker

The Match In reference

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