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Top Pun Cat Names

Counting down the best pun based cat names, for some reason.

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6. Urban Meower

I'm told this is a sports reference. How common. What is uncommon is that miniature peacock wicker fan chair they got this cat in! He looks more like the madame at an Halloween themed whore house than a sports reference...but whatevzzzzz.

5. Meownt Everest

Sometimes, it looks like the cat was just told its hilarious pun based named right before the picture is taken to capture that "Really?" face. Or Meownt knows that he is wearing a rainbow sock somebody cut enough holes in to make it into an ill fitting sleeveless dress

4. Marquis De Meow

Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat, revolutionary politician, philosopher, and writer, famous for his libertine sexuality so totes makes sense to name a kitten after him. Somebody at that shelter is just waiting to explain the name to families and children.

Why they didn't go for "Meowquis De Sade" instead is a real travesty.

3. Robert Meowny, JR

This feels like bisexual "Less Than Zero" era Robert Meowy JR, like Jamie Gertz is going to pop out and scream "Rusty Pipes". This looks like a cat that gets a lot of eye boogers and I am NOT into that, any more.

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