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The 15 Wackiest Crossover Teams From Our Childhoods

There's no "I" in "team," but there is a whole lot of "awesome." Want to put together your ultimate team? Go to and let Hyundai show you how.

Remember when Batman AND Weird Al Yankovic helped the Scooby Doo Mystery Gang?

If these guys can't solve your mystery, then it ain't worth solving.

Or when the Harlem Globetrotters crash landed on Gilligan's Island...

...and played basketball against a team of robots?

You know, like one does on a desert island.

How about the time 9 Major League All-Stars dropped by The Simpsons...

True or False? One year after taping "Homer At The Bat," Ozzie Smith really did fall into a mystery spot and was never heard from again.

(False. Don't be an idiot.)

Or the time Bugs Bunny teamed up with Michael Jordan?

Bugs had some pretty good game, considering he was 56 when Space Jam happened.

Or when the Backstreet Boys showed up on Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Pictured here: Howie drinks a bottle of "Talent." Go ahead and write your own joke for this one.

What about the time the Jetsons met the Flintstones...

When you think about it, they're really the exact same show, but one is a low-tech re-imagining of The Honeymooners and one is a high-tech re-imagining of The Honeymooners.

And Aerosmith and RUN-DMC taught us how to "Walk This Way"?

The two bands had never heard of each other before recording Walk This Way, but producer Rick Rubin made it happen, and two musical genres were never the same again.

Remember We Are The World?

A super-group consisting of -- and this is an accurate number -- 40,000 stars.

Remember when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

The "We Are The World" of hyperactive bodysuit-wearing superheroes.

Or when Double Dragon teamed up with Battle Toads?

Billy and Jimmy Lee team up with Zitz, Rash and Pimple to destroy the invaders from the Moon. It's an adventure that's... wait for it... TOADally awesome.

You're welcome.

Because we KNOW you remember Super Smash Brothers.

The best characters from the Nintendo universe team up... to beat the holy crap out of each other. Donkey Kong vs. Pikachu! Fox McCloud vs. That Dude From Metroid! Everyone fights. And everyone wins.

Remember when the Rugrats met the Wild Thornberrys?

A Rugrats movie so hardcore, so raw, so wild that it was slapped with a PG rating. Also the movie was filmed in Aroma-Scope (meaning you got a scratch-and-sniff card to follow along with the movie). Strange that Aroma-Scope didn't take off like we all thought it would.

Remember when Mork landed in Fonzie's backyard and ended up going on a date with Laverne?

...and the whole thing went shazbot? TRIPLE CROSSOVER TEAM-UP. Is your mind blown?

But most important: Remember how Aaron Carter beat Shaq?

The other way to beat Shaq? Get him in foul trouble.