The 7 Celebrities You’d Want With You On A Desert Island

There’s a perfect team for every situation. And we mean EVERY situation. Check out the best 7-person team for getting marooned on a desert island, then put together your own perfect team, courtesy of Hyundai.

1. Bear Grylls

Photoshot / Getty Images

No food, no shelter, no problem. Grylls is the world’s most famous survivalist for a reason.

2. Martha Stewart

Charles Skyes / Bravo / NBC Universal / Getty Images

Just ‘cause you’re living in a thatched hut doesn’t mean you’ve got to be tacky about it.

3. Ted Nugent

Scott Legato / Getty Images

If there are animals on the island, you’ll want someone who can hunt them (with his bare hands).

4. Al Franken

Kris Connor / Getty Images

A) He’s hella funny.
B) You’re going to need someone to balance out Ted Nugent.
C) He’s a sitting U.S. Senator so they’ll definitely come looking for him.

5. Tom Hanks

Jamie McCarthy / WireImage / Getty Images

Just for the irony. Plus, he seems like a nice guy.

6. Ryan Gosling

Mark Von Holden / WireImage / Getty Images

Because… Pretty.

7. Lindsay Lohan

Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

It’s good to remember that no matter how bad things get, they could always be worse.

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