16 Celebrities And Their Awesome Animal Sidekicks

What do all these stars have in common? Well, for one, they all have teamed up with amazing animal friends. Who’s in your perfect team? Find out at FindYour7.com.

1. Miley and Floyd

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2. George and Max

For a time, this handsome and irresistible swine had a pet pig. (Who, from the looks of it, could drive.)

3. Ryan and Baxter

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

A gentle Canadian rescues a stray from a Houston animal shelter, and sweetness ensues.

4. Jennifer and Norman

Jackson Lee / Splash news

Jen got a “Norman” tattoo in 2011 to honor her BFF, when the corgi-terrier mix went to Dog Heaven. Which is sad… but he lived to 15, which is happy.

5. Blake and Penny

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

The two have been known to have vicious, no-holds-barred adorable contests that last well into the night.

6. Audrey and Ip

© 1978 Bob Willoughby/mptvimages.com

Audrey met Ip (short for Pippin) on the set of 1959’s Green Mansions. The baby deer was her on-screen sidekick, but Miss Hepburn got all doe-eyed about her new best friend and took her home… an unusual spin on the classic actress-falls-in-love-on-set Hollywood story.

7. Kristen and her Sloth

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Kristen Bell is, it is safe to say, the world’s biggest fan of sloths. As in, she loves sloths more than other sloths love sloths. You have probably seen her famous meltdown on Ellen. If you haven’t, it’s worth a watch.

8. Katty and Kitty

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Regardless of how you feel about Katy Perry, the fact that her cat is named Kitty Purry is pretty fantastic.

9. Enrique and Lucas

Enrique Iglesias has two dogs. But only one of them owns a Jetski.

10. Clint and This L’il Guy

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

11. Michael J. and his Cat

George Rose / Getty Images

If we could go back in time we’d have him pose with an actual fox. But there’s no way to… waaaaait a minute.

12. Rihanna and DJ

Marcel Thomas / Getty Images

Here’s the thing: Rihanna could be posing with an armload of cockroaches and she’d still look unbelievable. So DJ here is just gilding the lilly.

13. Alfred and his Tortoise

Fairfax Media / Getty Images

Hitchcock is the one on top.

14. The Fox and the Pig


We’re gonna make you love Megan Fox again. Ready? 3…2…1… Her pig is named Piggy Smalls.

You’re welcome.

15. Adrien and Lolly

KMazur / Getty Images

Mega-talented Adrien Brody can do a lot of things… but it’s possible he can’t tell the difference between a Chihuahua and a burrito.

16. Ryan and his Goslings

Darren Calabrese / AP

Ok, maaaaaybe we made this one up. But we are 100% positive that Ryan Gosling has gosling friends, and this is what it would look like if they all hung out in public.

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