11 Ingenious Ways To Flirt With A Stranger

Sometimes you need a little extra something to stand out. Flirting is serious business, so follow these tips and make sure you don’t get one-upped in this game of love! Brought to you by the new Hyundai Elantra.

1. Instead of asking for a phone number, offer up one of your walkie-talkies.

It’s like entrusting them with a part of your soul.

2. Ask really nonsensical questions, and then smile at how cute they look as they try to process.

Example: “So do you typically Instagram your food BEFORE or AFTER you eat it?”

3. Touch your thumb to theirs, and whisper in their ear, “They’re kissing.”

dr_vaibhavahuja / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 8085704@N05

It’s so cute that it hurts.

4. Apparently “snapflirting” is a thing. Give it a shot?

5. When in doubt, just turn on some Motown and casually offer a swig of your soda.

Nothing like sharing, especially if you do it in style.

6. Resurrect the Facebook “poke.”

It’s subtle, but still sure to catch their attention.

7. Retweet their selfies.

The cutest boy ever Retweeted my selfie today and I want to scream

— ♡princess kaleigh♡ (@kaleighrose_)

8. Always carry around a spare jar of something sweet. It’ll come in handy someday.

Like, how smooth would it be just to whip out a jar of Nutella, two spoons, and be like, “Babe, this one’s for you and me.”

9. Don’t be afraid to refer to that copy of Dating for Dummies you always carry around.

brianteutsch / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: brianteutsch

It’ll look awkward, but also cute.

10. On a casual stroll, stop all of a sudden, get on one knee as if you are about to pop the question…

…and casually retie your shoe because you could have seriously gotten hurt. As long as you aren’t dating (yet), this is ALWAYS hilarious.

11. Instead of just texting, write your message on a napkin or on your hand, and then send a picture instead.

Gabriel Whaley / Via Buzzfeed

You’ll get points for being different, as long as they haven’t seen this post. ;)

Inspired by the new Hyundai Elantra. Work on your game, America.

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