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10 Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

Grown-up life is no joke. When did it become so hard to make new friends? Here are some ways to work with what you've got. And if all else fails, you can always count on the Hyundai Elantra to be there when you need a buddy.

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1. Compliment someone on their attire.

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Grown-ups love it when other grown-ups appreciate their ascot. If they knitted it themselves, you score MAJOR friend points.

2. Exercise fads are all the rage.


Dust off your P-90X DVDs and Bowflex a few reps at the gym. You're guaranteed to find a strong friend. Then coordinate workout schedules so you can keep it up.

3. Write silly messages to a co-worker on the same Google doc.


It's like that show Ghostwriter! Remember that? Which reminds us... when you hang out, talk about Ghostwriter.

4. Talk about taxes. That's the top source of conversation amongst adults.

Be all like "W-2? More like... WW-2! AMIRITE?"

Be all like "W-2? More like... WW-2! AMIRITE?"

5. Talking to an adult on the phone is a no-no.


They want to talk to your face, so make plans to go out.

6. Speaking of going out, try doing a double date.

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Adults are desperate to escape the monotony of their serious relationships and will welcome an opportunity to judge the two of you. Perfect way to make new friends! Awww.

7. Grown-ups love pranks. Try punking someone next time you're at the beach. They'll love you forevermaybe / Via

There is a small chance that you won't end up being friends...

8. Start a conversation at the water cooler about water coolers. People will respect your cleverness.

9. Adults are really passionate about TV, so when someone starts talking about a popular show, make sure you wildly overreact.

10. Invite a stranger on a road trip!


Take them to a remote cabin in the mountains without electricity. Trigger an avalanche with some copper wire and jumper cables and spend the next four months with your new best friend playing Monopoly. Or maybe just join a kickball league or something...

Inspired by the new Hyundai Elantra. Make a new friend.

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