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13 Things That Will Make All Runners Say "OMG, That's Totally Me!"

"One run can change your day. Many runs can change your life." Take your running to the next level with the dynamic, high-intensity, low-impact Hydrow Rowing Machine.

1. Your pre-run warmup is a sacred ritual that SHALL NOT BE DISTURBED.

2. You've learned (the hard way) that all leggings are NOT created equal.

A woman in nice leggings running

3. You've spent years building the perfect running playlist...

4. ...and you have VERY strong opinions about headphones.

5. You're constantly searching for innovative ways to make your training routine more dynamic.

6. You've smeared petroleum jelly on more parts of your body than you care to admit.

A woman in workout attire strains in pain during a run

7. You cut the tags off your clothes without even thinking about it.

A closeup of scissors cutting the tag of an article of clothing

8. You're always looking for your next favorite pair of running shoes.

9. You couldn't survive without your beloved running tracker...

10. ...and your secret weapon: compression socks!

A man in running attire wearing black compression socks

11. You're constantly perfecting your pre-run breakfast...

12. ...and your post-run smoothie is no joke, either.

13. And it's totally worth all the pain, cramps, and exhaustion you endure. Because there is NOTHING quite like the freedom you feel when you're running.

Images via Hydrow and Getty Images.

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