12 Things No Traveling Woman Has Ever Said

No leg room, no problem! When you travel, be sure to do it in style. Enter Hyatt. It’s not just hospitality designed with you in mind. It’s hospitality with you in charge.

1. “These high heels will be perfect when I have to jog a mile through the airport to catch my connecting flight!”

2. “It appears as though I’ve forgotten both my phone charger and my curling iron. No matter! Those are non-essentials.”

3. “I like the in-flight snack pack option because it’s only $15 and I get three tiny bags of trail mix. Portion control!”

4. “Of course I’ll take the back seat of the shuttle van! In fact, would anyone mind if I just sat in the trunk? With the luggage?”

5. “I’m not a big fan of ‘beauty rest,’ so jet lag is pretty great, in my opinion.”

6. “Thanks so much for inviting me to your birthday party this weekend! But there’s this five-day-long conference in Nowheresville, USA - and I’d much rather go to that. You understand.”

7. “Why, yes! There is metal in my bra. I’d be happy to remove it, security agent!”

8. “No, go ahead - my shoulder is a great pillow. I’ve been told.”

Izabela Habur

9. “This rental car smells fantastic. Is that - what is that subtle aroma? Stale fast food? Delightful.”

10. “Oh, this is all the shampoo/conditioner I could ever need. And I love how you guys combined it into one bottle!”

11. “No, please, go on! I’d love to hear about your relationship problems. I don’t have any work to do on this flight!”

12. “Only pasta options for dinner? Great! I’m on an all-carb diet.”

13. Don’t sweat the small stuff, brave travelers. Hyatt’s got you covered.

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