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12 Tips To Help You Feel At Home On The Road

Traveling can be stressful. We know. Sometimes it helps just to bring a little piece of home with you. And don't worry — Hyatt is there to get rid of that pesky homesickness.

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1. Unpack! Turn your hotel into your bedroom.


Even if you're only staying for a couple of nights, put a few things in the drawers. Keep your cheap jewelry on the dresser. Get comfy. It's your space.

3. Two words: JetLag Genie.

Feeling crummy when you're out of town can be avoided with a little jet lag prevention. JetLag Genie is an app that, based on some travel info you give it, will condition you to adapt to a new time zone through a series of strategically placed alarms. Feeling fresh in your new spot is the first step to beating the travel blues.

4. Make sure you've got a comfort book (or two) on your eReader.


You know you've got one. It's a book that you keep going back to. A story that's familiar and comforting. Is it Harry Potter? It's Harry Potter, isn't it.

5. For the love of all that is holy, do not forget your comfy pants.


Yoga pants? Sweatpants? Satin jammies? An adult onesie? Whatever. Bring an item of clothing you feel warm and comfortable in. It's important for the next thing.

6. If you can, set aside a night to be lazy.

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Think about it: room service, comfy pants, internet, reality TV. Try to feel homesick when you're snacking in your jammies watching Top Chef. Try.

8. Use WhatsApp to stay in touch.

WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app available for all smart phones — it uses your data plan to text, which means there's no need to pay for SMS. So if you're on an international trip, don't fret! Staying in contact with loved ones is a snap.

9. Squeeze in a 7-minute workout every now and then.


Considering the stress of travel, it's no wonder people get moody and lethargic on business trips. But it could just be a lack of exercise that's getting you down. Behold! This workout is only seven minutes long, and you don't need any equipment except for a wall, and maybe a chair. It'll get your blood flowing, your energy up, and you'll be feeling like yourself again in no time.

10. Flight delayed? Why not project a movie?


Find a wall and project up to 60" worth of your favorite movie using your smartphone. You'll be the most popular person on your layover.

11. Get the most out of your phone speakers.


Cue up your comfort song (you know you've got one) on your phone, place the phone - speakers down - into a cup, hit play, repeat. This makeshift system will turn your empty hotel room into a one-person dance party.

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