10 Useful Mid-Flight Beauty Treatments

Nothing like a 10-hour flight to make you feel completely gross. Time to take matters into your own hands. And don’t worry — Hyatt’s got your back once you finally get where you’re going.

1. Forego makeup altogether. For now. When you step on that plane, you shouldn’t have any makeup on your face.

2. Drink water whenever you can. It’s much easier to get dehydrated on a plane.

You’ll feel - and look - fresh to death.

3. Moisturize regularly. Moisturize whenever you can. Even when you feel like you’re good on moisturizing — moisturize some more.

The stale, dry air in the plane will dry out that skin faster than your flight attendant can say “fasten your seat belts.”

4. And when you’re ready for a soothing treat, go for a sheet mask. No mess, with all the benefits of a facial.

5. Have you tried dry shampoo? Try it. Spray it, and get rid of the greasy texture you get from hours of travel.

6. A little brush goes a long way. Pro tip: Bring a one-use toothbrush, and freshen up from the comfort of your seat.

7. Most perfume bottles contain too much liquid to bring on a plane — so bring some samples.

Spritz, rub, relax.

8. Nail polish is too smelly. Your fellow passengers will hate you if you whip out the polish. So go for stickers!

They’re quick, easy, and odorless.

9. So your flight is almost over! Time to prep for landing with some subtle makeup. Kill two birds with one stone by mixing moisturizer with liquid concealer.

Lauren Elizabeth / Via youtube.com

You MUST moisturize. Did I mention that?

10. Congratulations. The wheels are coming down! Apply a bit of blush — but make it a blush stick. No loose powders.

liz14dm / Via youtube.com

Exiting a plane covered in blush dust is not a good look. Trust.

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