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    Fire Breaks Out At Calais Refugee Camp, But Its Cause Is Unclear

    "A number of people in the camps have been injured, and we are trying to find medical care for them," one aid worker told BuzzFeed News.

    Multiple fires broke out at the Calais refugee camp known as the "jungle" late on Friday, aid workers told BuzzFeed News.

    yup, Calais jungle still on fire BBC, right here...

    The fires broke out just after 11pm, the aid workers said, adding that they were unsure of the causes of the fires.

    "The details are sketchy at the moment," said one aid worker, who gave his name as Eamonn. "What we do know is that a number of people in the camps have been injured and we are trying to find medical care for them."

    He added: "The refugees are currently being taken to the Ashram centre and [local] women's shelters while the fires are being put out."

    The fires broke out in the midst of the terror attacks in Paris, prompting speculation that the fires were set as revenge, despite a lack of proof.

    One organisation, Calais Action, said the damage had been caused by a "small fire that got out of hand". The group said around 40 homes were destroyed, but that no refugees sustained any injuries.

    BuzzFeed News has also heard through another aid worker, Caroline Gregory, that refugees in Calais will be provided extra protection by police officers this evening in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

    While some on social media have disputed the reports, claiming they were based on old photographs, others such as Polish journalist Tomasz Sekielski claim they had witnessed it themselves.

    Powtarzam cześć obozu w Calais płonie teraz, jestem na miejscu. To moje zdjęcia sprzed pół godziny

    Earlier this year, a large explosion caused by a cooking fire took place in the "jungle", as refugees attempted to keep warm.

    Although there were no casualties, charity workers told BuzzFeed News this had been the fifth fire in a year at the camp, while organisations including the International Organisation for Migration said they would provide shelters and resources for refugees "living in makeshift shelters with little protection from the cold".