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21 Pictures That Will Really Make You Miss Nigel Farage

Well, maybe not.

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But now that he's (sort of) resigned as UKIP leader, let's not forget the good times we had.


4. How about when LBC's James O'Brien gave him a pretty rough time, and he looked like he needed a cuddle?

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6. Or when he was seeking some of those sweet retweets...

Can anyone name what's behind me in this picture?

7. Only to end up getting severely rinsed.


10. How about when he dropped those subtle reminders to keep it real?

11. Although it's probably not a good idea to insult your audience on live TV.

12. How about when he claimed more than 500 people showed up at his impromptu election rally?

What a welcome from over 500 people turning out in the rain to campaign today in South Thanet! #PeoplesArmy #UKIP

13. Although it was a little less than that.

Online Pedant Quite Funny Shocka. #UKIP

14. Or when he called the former president of the European Council a "damp rag" and gave zero fucks about it.

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Hussein Kesvani is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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