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    The Beef Between These Two British Weather Reporters Is Amazing

    Shout out to all the fallen meteorologists in British media's needless weather wars. Winter is coming.

    So. British people are obsessed with the weather. But there's one newspaper that's so obsessed it borders on the ridiculous. Step up, the Daily Express.

    A collage of exaggerated sensationalist Daily Express weather headlines...

    As you'd expect, British people do British things in response to headlines like this – they tut and grit their teeth. But now, one weather reporter has had ENOUGH.

    Liam Dutton is the weather presenter for Channel 4 News. But when he's not telling you about another day of rain, he's involving himself in the most savage weather beef in history.

    .@ExpressNathan To be honest, only a shock if you've been (nonsensically) writing about coldest winter in 58 years.

    It all started in 2012, when Dutton noted the Express had a slight obsession with front pages about the weather.

    @ExpressNathan @Schofe @alexberesford80 @itvthismorning Another weather story on the front page? That surprises me...

    But then Dutton decided to really get sassy.

    A newspaper contradicting itself with its front page weather headlines? Surely not! (via @nwpicdesk)

    And he really started to pack the heat, calling journalist Nathan Rao's reporting the "same garbage every year".

    So @ExpressNathan's written a fantasy weather story in Daily Express: Winter 2014 set to be 'coldest for century’. Same garbage every year.

    It wasn't just Dutton either. Soon, his fans decided to get in on the beef.

    @liamdutton You must have an amazing camera to take that picture in the middle of the WORST WEATHER FOR A MILLION YEARS (@ExpressNathan)

    @liamdutton LOL But now @ExpressNathan is predicting STORMS! Probably followed by a plague of frogs? #SHOCKHORROR! #mustsellpapers

    @ExpressNathan C4 weatherman is calling your newspaper's somewhat extensive weather coverage 'garbage'. Are you going to deck him?

    After a heated discussion about giant snowballs, we all thought this age-old beef would be over. That finally there would be peace.

    @Julian5News @liamdutton not on my part! What about you Liam? Can we call a professional truce?

    But peace remained a fantasy, as Dutton fired more shots.

    @TheMediaTweets Notice @ExpressNathan hasn't written tomorrow's weather story. A day off for so many accurate snow predictions. Oh, hold on.

    And the shots kept coming.

    As expected; -no cricket ball size hail -no tornadoes -no temp of 91F (32.6C) < 32.8C actually Can you explain @expressnathan? #DailyExpress

    And coming.

    .@ExpressNathan says he got Easter weather right. Headlined hot & sunny AND cold & snowy. If in doubt, keep guessing.

    And coming.

    @ruskin147 And 'heavy snow' has to be in capital letters, just to add to the drama of weather that's not unusual for Nov. (@ExpressNathan)

    Such shade.

    Sometimes, Rao tried to fight back.

    What has my pal @liamdutton to say on winter's "storm after storm" battering

    But, like a hurricane, or mild drizzle, Dutton kept coming back.

    I see @ExpressNathan is still churning out misleading headlines in Daily Express. 150mph winds? Utter nonsense and irresponsible… #garbage

    Like when Dutton publicly claimed Rao was using sources to deliberately write sensational stories.

    .@ExpressNathan I'm still waiting for a reply. You follow me, so can see my tweets. Don't be shy. I'd love to know.

    Dutton has apparently been waiting on a response for a very, very long time.

    .@ExpressNathan Still no reply. I'm starting to feel like a lonely 'snowbomb' stranded in the warmest Dec on record.

    Will Dutton ever get his response? How many lives/headline disputes will it take for this war to end?

    @MarcSettle Funny how @ExpressNathan never responds when I ask him a question - even though he follows me... Convenient I guess!

    In conclusion, Liam Dutton is a badass.

    C4 News

    Don't mess with him.

    Hussein Kesvani is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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