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Wedding Websites Are Sooooo 2016

A millenial-esque approach to getting married....

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My fiance', Jason is an Art Director and I am in the Intellectual Property field so innovation is something we both are really passionate about. We are the type of couple that wanted our wedding to reflect us in every capacity. So when we set out to figure out how we would share the details of our wedding with our family and friends we knew we wanted something out of the box.

My fiance' came up with the concept to make a version of our wedding website an instagram page. I watched him take this huge concept and turn it into something so unique and functional. The whole process was amazing to be a part of. It was the first big project that we did collaboratively as an engaged couple and it was a really fun and at times frustrating venture.

Our wedding IG has a main page that the details of how we met and pictures of us from our engagement shoot. There are also several other pages that have the details of the wedding, including but not limited to; attire, accommodations, parking, etc. It also has a page that gives guests an idea of fun things to do in St. Louis while they are there, and a FAQ's page as well. We made the pages with the actual details of the wedding private and accessible only to guests to avoid wedding crashers. Lol.

We wanted the IG to be something that guests not only use as a resource for details on the event but also as something interactive that they'd enjoy leading up to the wedding as well. We decided to use the "instagram live" aspect of the app to give friends and family a glimpse into our everyday lives as a couple. It gives the people we love a more intimate look into how we function as a unit. I often post clips from his b-ball games, or when I'm cooking Sunday dinner (which is a big deal in our house). And he posts me doing all the quirky things I do on a regular basis. It's a fun way to share who we are with the people that will be sharing such a special day with us.

As far as the photos that we used for the IG we wanted our engagement shoot to reflect the tone of the wedding, and who we are as a couple. Although we are requiring our guests to dress formal, we want them to know that the event will in no way be stuffy. Which is why we opted to dress up for the shoot, but in the comfort of our own home.

The video game Rock Band is very significant in our relationship. It is how we met, and as a result Jason also incorporated it into our proposal. It only made sense to include it in our engagement shoot because it is how we spend a LOT of our free time lol.

We also are both from St. Louis, Missouri and our wedding will reflect that a lot. Our dinner will be comprised of popular St. Louis cuisine and so we decided to include our favorite potato chips, an STL staple; Red Hot Riplets in our shoot. We loved the concept of drinking a $500 bottle of champagne (it was an engagement gift from my boss) from plastic cups while eating potato chips because it reflects us so perfectly. We are the epitome of fake fancy.

All in all we are so happy with how it turned out and the response we have received. It really has been a great way to include the ones we love in the process! :)

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