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25 provas de que "X-Men" foi o melhor desenho animado dos anos 90

Ele não ficou tantos anos no ar sem motivo!

Hunter Schwarz 2 years ago

As 25 melhores preguiças que já apareceram na internet

A internet adora preguiças e apostamos que você adora também.

Hunter Schwarz 3 years ago

What Life After Being In A Girl Group Is Actually Like

Nadine Coyle was a member of Girls Aloud, one of the biggest British girl groups of all time. Now she lives in relative anonymity in California.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Mayor Eric Garcetti Wants You To Think Los Angeles Is A Big F-Ing Deal

In his first year in office, Eric Garcetti has focused on rebranding Los Angeles. "I think we've assumed our sunshine would sell this place."

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Mormon Church Sued For Copyright Infringement Over Bible Recording

The company that owns a well-known audio recording of the Bible that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has used since 1988, alleges its copyright has been infringed.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Charli XCX Is The World's Biggest Pop Star-In-Waiting

She's appeared on the No. 1 song in the country for two weeks now, and had another Top 10 hit last year, but Charli XCX is still flying under the radar.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

How Jennifer Lopez Quietly Pulled Off A Mid-Career Comeback

Jennifer Lopez has always had hits, but she’s never felt as much like an “icon” as she does now.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Rick Perry Is Driving Around In A Tesla Taunting California

“The only way to make this car faster is to make it in Texas,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry tweeted.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Killers' "Hot Fuss"

Hot Fuss, released on June 7, 2004, is now ten years old.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Underdog Republican Advances In California Governor Race

Neel Kashkari will face California Gov. Jerry Brown in November's gubernatorial election.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

California Candidate Indicted For Arms Trafficking Gets Hundreds Of Thousands Of Votes

Despite dropping out of the secretary of state race and being charged in a federal indictment, state Sen. Leland Yee was receiving almost 10% of the vote.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Record Number Of Film And TV Projects Apply For California Tax Credits

More projects than ever are competing for California's limited incentives.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Former NBC President Accused In Hollywood Sex Ring Case Files Motion To Dismiss

All four men accused of sexual abuse by Michael Egan have now filed motion to dismiss the cases. Individuals close to former NBC President Garth Ancier and Michael Egan wrote in declarations Ancier wasn't on trips to Hawaii where he's accused of abuse.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

How Subsidies For Hollywood Became Sexy

After years of failed attempts to pass legislation offering tax incentives to the film and television industry, more California lawmakers have joined efforts to help Hollywood. “This is a changed landscape because we made this an issue," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Exclusive: Bryan Singer Accuser Maintained Close Ties To One Of His Alleged Attackers

"When do you think you will have some time to hang out?" Michael Egan wrote to a man he later alleged was abusing him. "What's the plan with the house in Spain...Am I moving in?" Egan's lawyer calls the emails evidence that Egan was a "compliant victim."

Nicolás Medina Mora 5 years ago

Man Accused In Hollywood Sex Ring Cases Provides Evidence He Says Proves His Innocence

Copies of daily planners, calendars, and receipts from Gary Goddard were offered as evidence that he was never in Hawaii when the alleged abuse of Michael Egan took place, in a motion to dismiss the case against him filed on Thursday.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

15 Things This Self-Help Author And Congressional Candidate Has Said About Magic And World Peace

Bestselling author Marianne Williamson could be California's newest member of Congress.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Fall Out Boy Made A Movie That’s An Entire Album’s Worth Of Music Videos

Fall Out Boy, Courtney Love, and Elton John made 11 music videos that will restore your faith in rock ’n’ roll.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Tyler Glenn Is Tired Of Being Told He Can't Be Gay And Mormon

“I think there are a lot of gay people in all religions that feel that they don’t have a voice,” the Neon Trees singer said.

Hunter Schwarz 5 years ago

Exclusive: Man Suing Bryan Singer Said He Never Traveled To Hawaii, Where He Alleges Rapes Occurred

In a deposition in 2003, Michael Egan swore under oath that he had never traveled outside the continental United States during the time he now says he was assaulted by Singer. "I'm not sure how he interpreted the continental United States," Egan's lawyer said.

Ellie Hall 5 years ago