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Why Sick Days In Elementary School Were Awesome

Being sick is never fun, but there was something special about sick days growing up.

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Sick days when you were growing up were rough.

Because either you were really sick and felt awful...

Or you weren't sick and had to fake it.

But at least you had TV there to help you get through the day.

There was something different about TV during the day.

It wasn't like regular TV.

It was what adults got to watch when you were at school.

And a lot of it seemed like it wasn't meant for kids.

It was kind of exciting to see it all.

It was weird...

And dangerous...

And cool...

And sexy...

You couldn't stop watching.

Sure, there were a lot of shows for little kids too.

But you didn't watch them.

You were past that.

You had moved on.

And you had better things to watch.

You almost felt bad about all your friends back at school...

Because while they were doing math or playing the recorder...

You were watching talk shows...

And soap operas...

And court shows...

And Oprah.

Maybe being sick wasn't so bad after all.

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