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    Three Hollywood Executives Accused Of Sexual Abuse

    Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard were named Monday as the sexual abuse lawsuits against director Bryan Singer widened to include several other major Hollywood players.

    Ancier (left), Goddard (center), and Neuman (right).

    Three Hollywood executives were accused of sexual abuse Monday in lawsuits filed by the man who last week accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him.

    Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard, and David Neuman allegedly sexually abused Michael Egan during parties at an Encino, Calif., mansion and on trips to Hawaii, the suits, which were filed in a federal court in Hawaii, state. The allegations against Singer, which he has denied, took place at the same parties and trips. Egan, 31, says he was 15 when the abuse first occurred.

    The men each allegedly fondled or groped Egan, sodomized him, forced him to engage in oral copulation and encouraged him to consume drugs or alcohol, according to the suits. Egan's attorney Jeff Herman described them as part of a larger "Hollywood sex ring" at a press conference Monday.

    Garth Ancier was the founding entertainment president, at age 28, of Fox in 1986. He later went on to become the entertainment president of the WB and of NBC.

    Gary Goddard runs an entertainment and design company specializing in large-scale live entertainment venues for hotels and casinos. He also directed the 1986 movie Masters of the Universe.

    David Neuman is a former president of Disney TV who joined Digital Entertainment Network, or DEN, the company founded by Marc Collins-Rector, who allegedly hosted the parties in Encino.

    The men offered to help Egan's career, the suits state. Neuman allegedly said he would help Egan find a role in television shows and use his connections to further his career, and Goddard allegedly offered Egan acting advice and led Egan to believe he would refer him for acting and modeling projects, according to the suits.

    The three complaints accused each man of manipulating their "power, wealth, and position in the entertainment industry to sexually abuse and exploit" Egan.

    "Hollywood adults are armed with something other adults aren't armed with," Herman said, referencing executive's power to "make kids' careers" at a press conference on Monday. "It's a tremendous amount of power."

    Herman said at the press conference that dozens of victims have come forward "who were abused in Hollywood by different perpetrators." He said some claimed they were abused in studios and by managers, producers, and directors, and some were given gifts, promised film and television roles, and groomed for abuse.

    There are other men who allegedly sexually abused Egan and other teenage boys in California, Herman said, but legal action has not yet been taken against them.

    "I think this is a watershed moment for Hollywood," he said. "This has been going on, and nobody has been able to step up."

    Ancier did not respond to email requests for comment; likewise, Goddard did not respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment. Neuman denied the allegations on Twitter.

    Hey everyone: obviously I have to be talking to and through lawyers, but I just want everyone to know right now that the

    disgusting allegations made against me are COMPLETELY FALSE. Also very shocking in that they don’t just stretch the truth, they are

    whole-cloth lies with zero basis in reality or truth. Sickening, and very evil, for anyone to lie like that, let alone in a legal document.

    Update - April 22 9:02 p.m. PT: An attorney for Ancier, Louise Ann Fernandez, denied the allegations and said in a statement, "All of the allegations made by the plaintiff against Garth Ancier are demonstrably untrue, and we are confident the courts will agree when the evidence is presented. As just one of many examples, Mr. Ancier has never even visited the estate in Hawaii where the plaintiff claims to have encountered him. Mr. Ancier is grateful to his friends, family and colleagues for their support."

    Update - April 23 12:01 a.m. PT: Attorneys for Goddard, Alan Grodin and Paul Gaspari, denied the allegations, and said in a statement, "Having had the opportunity to review the allegations in the Complaint filed against our client, Mr. Gary Goddard, we can say that the allegations against him are categorically denied. Mr. Goddard was not in Hawaii with Mr. Egan. He did not molest or touch or annoy Mr. Egan or commit any of the acts alleged. Also, he did not furnish drugs or alcohol to any minor at any time."