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The 25 Greatest Sloths The Internet Has Ever Seen

The Internet loves sloths and so should you.

1. Space sloth

2. Swaggy sloth

3. Wizard sloth

4. Princess sloth

5. Sloth with feelings

6. Sloth that's coming after Europe

7. Sloth that's coming after your girl

8. Sloth that's coming after you

9. Sloth that's coming after everything you love

10. Single sloth

11. Sloth pope

12. Sloth that's rolling

13. Sloth that appreciates a nice selfie

14. Sloth that appreciates a nice boob

15. Sloth that doesn't care what you think

16. Sloth that tells it like it is

17. Sloth that's just taking life one day at a time

18. Lustful sloth

19. Plotting sloth

20. Sloth that isn't putting up with your garbage

21. Sloth that doesn't care what you have to say

22. Sloth that's only smiling on the outside

23. Sloth that can't do subtle pick-up lines

24. Sloth with a heart that will go on

25. And sloth that wants you to follow your dreams