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The 25 Best Things About The '90s "X-Men" Cartoon

It was the longest-running Marvel cartoon for a reason. And the reason was it was the best cartoon ever.

1. Professor X's hovering wheelchair.

2. That thing where Storm transformed her clothes with lightning.

3. How Cyclops was always trying to calm Wolverine down.

4. The fact that Jean Grey was basically naked and no one seemed to care.

5. Same with Sabertooth.

6. Every time Beast quoted the classics.

7. Jubliee's style.

8. And the fact that her powers were wildly inconsistent.

9. Jean Grey's large majestic hair when she became Phoenix.

10. Gambit in general.

11. How Storm couldn't use her powers without explaining what she was going to do.

12. That one time Rogue wore that tight dress at the mall and fought a sentinel.

13. Bishop's big ol' thighs.

14. When the Blob said this.

15. That one time Colossus showed up.

16. And also that one time Nightcrawler showed up.

17. The fact that all the townspeople coming after Nightcrawler had pitchforks and torches even though it was 1995.

18. How Wolverine was always going on vacations to see old girlfriends in Japan or fight Sabertooth or something.

19. The Days of Future Past storyline.

20. That one time Wolverine read the Bible in a church.

21. The handful of episodes Morph appeared in.

22. That one time Rogue had to give Cyclops CPR and absorbed his powers.

23. The Danger Room.

24. Everything about Magneto.

25. How Wolverine could only use his claws to slice robots because it was a kid's show and humans aren't allowed to get sliced.

26. But most of all, this theme song, because it's the greatest theme song in the history of theme songs.

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