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    Dog Training Tips (That May Also Work On Your Husband)

    Everything they tell you about training dogs can also work on people. Even your husband.

    The best way to get your dog to do what you want him to do is through positive reinforcement.

    Positive reinforcement means using praise and/or treats to reward him for good behavior.

    All too often, people are good at letting their dog know when they are upset...

    Instead of showering him with praise and affection when he's good.

    Positive reinforcement is so effective because he prefers being rewarded and having fun over being yelled at.

    It's important to have realistic expectations. He isn't going to completely change his behavior and be perfect overnight.

    So you can start off small. Reward him for making small improvements to tasks that are difficult for him to master. This is called "approximation."

    Be careful to not accidentally reward bad behavior. For example, if he does something bad, sending him outside (where he can play), makes him associate bad behavior with a reward.

    And if he won't stop being annoying when he wants you to do something, you're teaching him that being annoying gets him what he wants if you give in.

    Instead, don't give him any attention for bad behavior.

    And consistently reward him for good behavior. Good behavior that is rewarded is repeated.

    Eventually, you can decrease the number of treats you have to give for good behavior...

    Because he will want to work for your verbal praise and make you happy.

    It will take a lot of patience, praise and love...

    But teaching him good behavior is possible.

    You can do it! Good luck.

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