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    Here's The Alleged Evidence Of Predatory "Grooming" By A Hollywood Executive

    Letters, emails, and items from the London premiere of Superman Returns are at the center of a new case against Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard. Also: a photo of the plaintiff and Goddard.

    LOS ANGELES — Evidence that Gary Goddard "groomed" a teenage boy with gifts before he and Bryan Singer allegedly sexually abused him exists, said the boy's attorney at a press conference Monday, and photos of the boy provided by the attorney match photos obtained by BuzzFeed from the London premiere of Superman Returns when the abuse allegedly took place.

    Representatives for Goddard and Singer have adamantly denied the allegations and characterized them as completely fabricated. The two men have also denied allegations they sexually abused Michael Egan, who filed lawsuits against them and two other entertainment executives last month. They've also attacked the plaintiffs' lawyer, Jeff Herman, for his high-profile allegations and the campaign he's waged against them through the entertainment press.

    "[The boy] was groomed with literally love letters, with candy, with gifts, so he becomes what we call this compliant victim," said Herman, the attorney for the new plaintiff, identified only as John Doe No. 117 in a complaint filed Saturday in a U.S. District Court in California.

    Letter allegedly sent from Gary Goddard to John Doe No. 117 provided by attorney Jeff Herman:

    Email allegedly sent by Gary Goddard to "John Doe No. 117" provided by attorney Jeff Herman:

    Herman said the man identified as John Doe No. 117 has several items from the London premiere of Superman Returns, including an envelope with his name on it from Warner Brothers. The abuse allegedly took place following the premiere, and according to the complaint, John Doe No. 117 was told Warner Brothers would pay for a train ride from his home in the United Kingdom to London and a room.

    Herman showed a printout of an email at the press conference allegedly from Goddard that included a photo and the text, "Haha - its not all that naughty because you wouldn't let me take any of you showing even a bit of your bum," the email reads. According to the lawsuit, Goddard attempted to take photos of the boy during a trip to London, but the boy would not let him take nude photos. Herman also showed a letter allegedly from Goddard in which he talks about chocolates he sent.

    Photos of Gary Goddard and Bryan Singer with John Doe No. 117 and others at an afterparty following the premiere of Superman Returns provided by attorney Jeff Herman:

    Photo obtained by BuzzFeed of an individual standing with Gary Goddard at the premiere of Superman Returns wearing clothes matching those provided by attorney Jeff Herman.

    Photos of the boy with his face obscured were shown at the press conference. Actress Kate Bosworth, who played Lois Lane in Superman Returns was in one photo. Neither she nor others in the photos are accused of wrongdoing.

    "What are these people thinking when this young boy is hanging out at this party?" Herman asked.

    A spokeswoman for Bosworth declined to comment.

    Herman said Goddard reached out this weekend to John Doe No. 117, who is now 25 years old. Herman said the email was sent "out of the blue" before knowledge of the suit against Goddard was public.

    Herman said John Doe No. 117 reached out to him following the lawsuits filed by Michael Egan accusing Singer, Goddard, and two other entertainment industry executives of sexual abuse.

    "He really was concerned about Mike and when he heard the very aggressive denials by the defendants in these cases, he decided he needed to come forward," Herman said. "His main goal was really to show support for Mike and to show he's not alone."

    Update — May 5, 8:19 p.m. PT: Attorneys for Goddard denied the allegations made against him. They said in a statement, "Gary Goddard vehemently denies the extremely serious, false and defamatory allegations made against him. And it is a sad indictment on society that when spurious claims have been made in one suit - especially where compensation is sought - other similar claims may follow. Despite the extent of uninformed and damaging commentary on the matter in the media, the allegations have not been tested in any way, let alone through the judicial process. We will not dignify these outrageous claims with anything other than a vigorous denial on behalf of our client, and by confirming that they will be fiercely defended at any trial where Mr Goddard is entirely confident that he will be fully vindicated."

    Additional reporting by Ellie Hall.