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    7 Books About Religion That Were Written By A Scholar Who's A Different Religion

    A Fox News host this weekend questioned why a religious scholar who was Muslim would write a book about Jesus. The nerve, right?

    1. Zealot: The Life And Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth written by Reza Aslan, who is a Muslim.*

    2. Islam: A Short History written by Karen Armstrong, who was raised Catholic.*

    3. Islam: The Religion And The People written by Bernard Lewis, who is Jewish.*

    4. Islam: The Straight Path written by John L. Esposito, who was raised Catholic and spent a decade in a Catholic monastery.*

    5. The First Muslim: The Story Of Muhammad written by Lesley Hazelton, a woman who studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which sounds like a pretty Jewish place.*

    6. A New Introduction To Islam written by Daniel W. Brown, whose name doesn't sound very Muslim.*

    7. An Introduction To Islam written by Frederick Denny, whose name doesn't sound very Muslim and also he teaches at a university in a state where only 1% of the population is Muslim.*