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11 Times Jay-Z Used A Phone That Wasn't A Samsung Galaxy

Magna Carta Holy Fail.

1. If you have a Samsung phone and like Jay-Z, you're in luck.

2. Samsung announced it's giving away a million copies of Jay-Z's upcoming album Magna Carta Holy Grail to people with Samsung Galaxy smartphones for free.

3. You just have to download an app and then you can get the album three whole days before everyone else.

4. This is a big deal because albums that sell a million copies are platinum albums.

5. But Nielsen SoundScan and Billboard haven't said if they're going to count these sales since people are actually just getting it for free.

6. But Jay-Z probably doesn't care.

7. Because Samsung paid him $5 for each album.

8. $5 per album times 1 million is $5 million.

9. But, guys, it's not about the money.

10. Jay-Z only makes endorsements of products he really likes and uses and believes in.

11. Like Samsung Galaxy smartphones.