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Here Are The Top 10 Gifts For Geeks

If you ask me, the geeks are collectors of wonderful and unexpected objects that anyone would want in your home. Once I understood this, I think the key when buying a gift for a geek is to know what has facet developed (c'mon, if your passion is zombies, Star Trek, Super Heroes, gadgets of all kinds and so on ), and above all fun to buy, get carried away by that little geek in all of us.

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for now, I leave you with this list of 10 items that we thought everything geek could want, if not longer have much of it

1- T (T-shirt) with Wi-Fi detector with this shirt your geek loved the world will always know where there 's WiFi signal. The T-shirt features a transmission tower that lights up to show the current strength of the WiFi signal around. It is the simplest and best way to find that perfect spot to navigate the city form. This delicacy has a cost of US $ 19.99 and get yourself in the online store Think Geek

2-Book Case Theory of Relativity for iPad & Kindle What true geek would not want to have a case for your iPad or Kindle for this caliber ? Cover Theory of Relativity Einstein has a cost of US $ 70 and is handmade by true binders for a completely realistic look. In addition to this model soon the store will offer On the Origin of Species Charles Darwin and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, among others. They can buy online store gift for geeks Gifts.

3-Romo, the robot for Smartphones We have always imagined a world controlled by robots world but if you want to come on to that and go making friends with one, before they control us, this is the gift perfect. Romo Smartphone Robot uses iOS or Android applications to control your analog circuitry and ensures fun for all geeks. It costs US $ 80 and get yourself on the website Uncrate. Romo is part of a venture that seeks to grow, so if you want more information about the product can enter the site Kickstarter and read more about the model.

4-Wallets Marvel If you're a geek chic love with the world of Super Heroes, this wallet is a discreet but fun way to let the world know. It is an excellent gift for fans of Marvel and a great alternative in the world of wallets. It comes in two versions, one with stamping on the inside, for the most discreet and another with the outer print for the fans. Its price is US $ 19.99 and get on the website of ToyTards

5-Angry Birds Speaker and Stand For those addicted to Angry Birds, this stand and speaker set is an ideal gift. It connects to any laptop or MP3 player with a headphone jack and has 3 built -in speakers, including a subwoofer. You can buy it on the page Gear4 for only US $ 99. The

6-classic Atari Joystick USB The geeks will love this nostalgic classic Atari control. It works like a standard USB joystick and can be used to play classic Atari games through Mac and PC using the emulator Stella. The price of this icon of the past is US $ 24.99 and can be purchased at the site ThinkGeek

7-Arcade Cabinet for iPad is called ICADE and connects to the iPad via Bluetooth. It has eight buttons and maintains a coin slot. 100 classic titles for iPhone and iPad with integrated joystick and buttons of this cabin support are achieved. They can get on page gifts Gifts for a price of US $ 89.

8-mail Darth Vader helmet A detailed replica of Darth Vader helmet made by Hasbro. The helmet is a half mask is adjusted to fit faces of children over 5 years to more adults. The mask has a button that when pressed allows you to hear words of Darth Vader and his breathing feature. The hull has a cost of US $ 25.99 and is available for sale on Halloween Costumes

9-Helicopter AppToyz iPod
If you've never imagined it would be possible to fly a helicopter with your iPod or iPhone, as reimagined just because you can. To fly AppToyz only you need to install the application and connect the unit to the headphone output. The helicopter has a flight range of eight meters and is recharged via USB. Its retail price is US $ 94 and is available at Firebox

10-Replica interactive DeLorean from Back to the Future When it comes to travel in time, everyone thinks of Emmet Brown and the iconic DeLorean that for our Luckily, it has exciting for us to remember memorabilia and we have it in our hands. This DeLorean is a replica that includes moving parts, lights and sound effects. It is from US $ 42.49 in Westfield Comics or Amazon from US $ 49.99

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