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11 Signs You Might Be Caught Up In A Criminal Conspiracy

To some people, these might seem like normal everyday occurrences. But you know better. Something sketchy is going on, and you're determined to get to the bottom of it, just like the main characters in The Wrong Mans on Hulu.

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1. Your alarm "didn't go off" this morning even though you know you set it last night.


Someone wanted you to be late for work today...

2. You keep making eye contact with the same person on the subway, yet they never say anything to you.


What do they want? Time to take a different subway...

3. The new barista at your go-to coffee shop already has your order memorized, after only three visits!


Why is she being so friendly? Is she trying to get close to you?

4. Finally you make it to work, and everything seems normal. Too normal.


The best evidence is that there is no evidence...

5. Awesome, time for lunch. You could use a break. Except, someone has already stolen your lunch.


OK, now you know something is up...

6. You step outside to clear your head, and you notice that people are wearing sunglasses even though it's overcast...


Are they secret agents? The plot thickens...

7. Why are there so many security cameras everywhere?


And more importantly, who exactly is on the other side?

8. OK, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Just relax, you have a date tonight. Should be fun!


Except the date never shows. Is your date OK, you wonder. Or were you set up...

9. Your phone rings, and you see it's an unidentified number. They leave a voicemail, which sounds automated and is probably code for something.


Is it a plea for help? A clue, perhaps?

10. Home sounds like a good idea. But first you check the mail, only to find letters addressed to the person who lived there before you.


Maybe it's time you figured out who the former tenant was exactly...

11. There's nothing you can really do now but sleep. Just sleep lightly.


Hopefully tomorrow brings more answers...