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The 8 Best Fictional Schools In TV History

School sucks, but these fictional schools suck slightly less.

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2. Sunnydale High School, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Mutant Enemy/20th Century Fox Studio / Via

Bad news: The school is situated atop a Hellmouth and has a pesky vampire/mantis teacher problem.

Good news: You get to be friends with a cool British librarian!

3. Greendale Community College, from Community

Krasnoff Foster Productions / Sony Pictures Television / Via

If you're interested in spending six seasons and a movie studying Remedial Chaos Theory or the Aerodynamics of Gender, look no further than Greendale Community College.

5. Jefferson High School, from Happy Days

Henderson Productions / CBS / Via

If you're a student at Jefferson High, your biggest challenge is trying to neck with your sweetheart without getting caught and convincing your parents to let you borrow the car for the Friday night sock hop. All in all, it's a good life.

6. Rudge Park Comprehensive School, from The Inbetweeners

Bwark Productions/Digital Rights Group / Via

Even someone as awkward as Will McKenzie can have quintessential teenage moments within Rudge Park's staunch British halls.

8. West Beverly High School, from Beverly Hills, 90210

90210 Productions/Spelling Television / Via

If you're tired of normal high school hassles, like parking your own car and not having enough filthy-rich-but-surprisingly-down-to-earth friends, then West Beverly High is the school for you!