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    11 Artists On Instagram Who Deserve Some Love

    It's no secret that musicians, actors, models, and reality tv personalities dominate the Instagram discover page, but let’s not forget that many artists (graphic to visual) also need some love. Here are 11 talented artists you should really consider following.

    1. Michael Reeder (@reederone)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @ from

    This native Texan loves to use the theme of identity throughout all his work. According to him, it's up to the viewers to interpret the meaning of his awesome mixed media pieces.

    If you're lucky, go to his shop and grab some limited prints.

    2. Timmy Sneaks (@timmysneaks)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @

    Timmy's pop-art would make Andy Warhol proud. Using some of the most notorious pop icons as his subjects, Sneaks' art is definitely for millennials. From Pikachu to Lebron, he's remixed them all.

    GIPHY / Via

    3. Kazuhiro Tsuji (@kazustudios)

    HugoQS / Via

    This artist's hyperrealistic sculptures will keep you looking at your screen wondering how on earth they're not real photographs! Read his story here .

    4. Alejandro Gonzalez (@x2terra)

    HugoQS / Via Facebook: pg

    Venezuelan freelance artist Alejandro Gonzalez's characters deserve their own animated TV show. You can even get him to illustrate a custom character for you right here.

    5. David Silverstein (@david.silverstein)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @david.silverstein

    Dedicating a lot of posts to his favourite celebrities, Silverstein's art pops out whether full of colour, or in black and white.

    He's even done some apparel graphics for brands like ILLROOTS and Mishka.

    Star Wars on GIPHY / Via

    Got me like

    6. Jay Visual (@jay_bisual)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @jay_bisual

    This Spanish illustrator and street artist's posts will make you want to go and track down his murals - if you ever find yourself in Barcelona that is.

    7. Harold Harow (@har0w)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @

    French artist Harold Harow creates graffiti murals, furniture, jewellery, and even some awesome work on canvas. Grab some of his skull rings here.

    8. Caledonia Dance Curry (@swoonhq)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @

    Swoon is an American street artist whose work has been shown everywhere from the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, to the Sao Paolo Museum of Art.

    She was even the first living street-artist to have a solo exhibition featured at the Brooklyn Museum. See the Submerged Motherland installation here.

    9. Jeremy Fish (@myjeremyfish)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @

    Fish's art seems to revolve around two central themes: cars and animals. He works with many different mediums to create beautifully layered pieces.

    His Upper Playground shop has a big collection of awesome shirts, prints, pins and notebooks that feature his unique characters.

    10. Jeff Cole (@cole)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @cole

    Cole takes your favourite sneakers and mashes them up with your favourite TV and movie characters - the end results are very very satisfying.

    11. Alex Solis (@alexmdc)

    HugoQS / Via Instagram: @

    Solis creates stickers, pins, toys, adult colouring books, on top of various sets of illustrations and art pieces. Not to mention he has his own label Oddworx.

    Show this busy artist some love by checking out his shop full of goodies.

    GIPHY / Via


    Be sure to show these artists some love by following and sharing their work. Also, keep on the look-out for other talented artists posting on Instagram, they might just blow you away.

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