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SellBig, An Online Market Place For Buying And Selling

E-Commerce website for buying and selling

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SellBig is the latest peer-to-peer e-commerce platform that focuses on helping small businesses in the United State grows. SellBig, aims to achieve two things.

1) To empower American small businesses; and

2) Give merchant a dedicated store where they can conveniently buy and sell good quality, affordable products.

SellBig was founded by Benjamin F. Dorsinvil, a US Army veteran whose ambition is to empower American small businesses. The company was launched on November 21 2016. SellBig market place platform was created in such a way that sellers can create a store at no cost, upload their products, and reach millions of customers worldwide.

Let me quickly tell you five things you need to know about SellBig

Empower small businesses

Just like have mention above, SellBig’s mission is to support American small businesses to compete domestically and in the global market. SellBig gives sellers every tool required to autonomously create, maintain, and expand their businesses to global doors. The platform is designed in a way that sellers can easily track how many visitors come to their stores, process refunds, and promptly reply to customer inquiries through the dashboard.

Platform to sell anything

SellBig allows you to sell anything. When you create your free store on their platform and if you can't find the category for the product you want to sell, just keep calm and simply contact the website admin via email. After review of your requested category then it will be added to the list of options.

Cheaper than other platform

Unlike other platform that charges you for creating store on their platform, at SellBig, it is absolutely free to have your own store and you can conveniently upload your product on their platform. You only needs to pay when you sell your product, and that is just a 10% commission fee unlike other platform that charge whopping 12% to 45% per transaction, plus listing fees or monthly fees. One amazing thing about them is that, there are no hidden fees with SellBig.

Platform is easy to use

On SellBig platform, it takes less than a minute to create your store, and you can customize your store easily with your logo and brand message. Not only that, you can also customize your store by offering discounts sales on any product you want to sell.

Manage everything from the platform

SellBig is designed in such a way that merchant can manage everything from the platform. Sellers get a notification wherever an order has been placed; this feature allows the seller to ship the product on time in other to avoid delay in the delivery time. Sellers can also notify a buyer when their package has been shipped or when is ready for picked up. SellBig also enable buyers to track their orders, request for refunds, post reviews of their purchases on the platform and contact the sellers regarding any problem they encounter on the orders.

My final say about SellBig,

They care!

SellBig focus on small business and they want the best experience possible for both buyers and sellers on their platform. If you are looking for a platform to host your small business, SellBig is the best for you business.

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