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Tell Us About Your Toddler’s Nappy Changes And We’ll Reveal Their Change Time Personality

Let’s be real, toddlers rule the roost when it comes to most areas of life.

For many parents, nappy changes can often require pulling out all the stops. From singing, dancing, distractions or downright bribery — there's probably not a lot you wouldn’t do to get through a nappy change stress-free (right?!). 

Choose the answer that's the closest match to change time with your little one to discover just what kind of change time personality is beneath the nappy.

No matter what your toddler's changing time personality is, Huggies Nappy Pants are made to move — just like they do.

Huggies Nappy Pants are 25% less bulky and 70% more flexible*, thanks to Huggies' most advanced moisture lock technology yet. Huggies have got your little one covered whether they're sprinting, dancing and everything in between. 

*vs previous triple layer technology.