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    Interview With Sebastian Guthery

    Sebastian Guthery

    Andrew Llanos

    Some individuals are born leaders like Sebastian Guthery who at an early age knew instinctively how to get ahead. From the moment he experienced the thrill of how to turn a profit at age 10, the thirst for new adventures and greater business opportunities grew inside him. Guthery pursued his studies at Clearwater in Kansas and the San Diego University and was in the San Diego State Sports MBA Program. Although he never worked officially after his time with the university, Guthery was able to hone his business skills by starting his own business ventures. He is also credited with actively pursuing social causes that can improve the lives and health of people.

    "I am someone who is consistently growing themselves and who takes the time to continue learning even though it's not a direct requirement. I find that many times it's a combination of what you study both directly and indirectly related to work.”

    - Sebastian Guthery

    By the time he was in his early 20s, Guthery invested in a tanning lotion distribution/full service salon chain which he called The Tanning Shack. He was able to take this business from Augusta in Kansas and expand it around the Midwest and although he divested in 2011, the business still flourishes up to today which is a testament to his business acumen and instinct.

    True to his word, Sebastian Guthery continued to learn the intricacies of the business world. By 2004, he was able to start an ethno-botanical importation/retail, Edens Ethnos, a digital ad agency, Eleven Eleven Advertising, and co-founded Hemplogica to help children afflicted with epilepsy.

    Edens Ethnos exclusively distributes Kratom products. Kratom is an evergreen plant found in Southeast Asia used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Edens Ethnos continues to receive impressive reviews for its superior krakom products however the success of this company was not the only business Guthery was working on. At the same time Guthery was building his krakom distribution business, he was also actively involved in protecting consumer rights by rallying against proposals to restrict or completely ban any krakom product. Guthery personally put together United Kratom Association and worked with fellow advocates to fight these proposals. In October 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) formally withdrew its intent to ban this substance and Kratom-based products and launch a public open forum to solicit comments from consumers, scientists, and businesses regarding Kratom use and effects.

    Also in 2004 Guthery’s digital marketing and SEO skills were being tested. Eleven Eleven Advertising’s field of expertise is social media marketing strategies. It is a growing, active business that is in tune with the trends in business, economy, and global online activities. In fact, social media has practically taken control over the daily lives of most consumers around the world. Again, the foresight of Guthery to enter into this advertising and marketing arena way back when it was not very popular proves yet again his laser sharp business instincts.

    Not content with relaxing on the laurels of his successful business ventures, Guthery created another company. Guthery Investments, LLC focusing this time in affordable real estate. His first project was in partnership with Lead Equity for the conversion of the old Martison school building into apartment units in Wichita. Guthery is planning other real estate projects in the area on top of two other business ventures he is currently engaged in.

    Luxury Car Rentals, LLC rents luxury vehicles at very competitive prices while Big Coin Money Investments deals with wealth management and investments for business-oriented individuals. Both businesses already appear to bear fruition and incredible promise for 2018 and onwards.

    And just as Guthery describes his life at the moment, his work shows just how dedicated he is to meeting challenges, staying optimistic and realistic, and always learning to improve and display the admirable leadership trait of taking responsibility for all his decisions. As an action man, Sebastian Guthery believes passionately in having the right attitude, an ethical business style, intent focus, and always displaying the generosity to listen to others.

    On the personal level, Guthery loves poetry and creates beautiful masterpieces. He continues to engage in charitable projects dear to him such as raising funds for clean, potable water for the underprivileged in Borneo.

    Sebastian Guthery was once described as “a man of infinite jest … truly a man for all seasons. I silent guardian … rock solid … watchful protector.”

    In Guthery’s own words, he voices what it is that drives him to keep working. He says, “"In a world so divided in, a time so corrupt- I am passionate about changing the world for the better. My goal is to leave this world better than I found it.””