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    29 Unexpectedly Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

    You get more than just a baby out of it.

    1. You get to tell people!

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    In most cases this is joyous news, and the reactions are incredibly positive and heartening.

    2. Your breasts look amazing.

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    Breasts enlarge as milk ducts fill early in your pregnancy, preparing your body to feed the baby. Flaunt 'em while ya got 'em!

    3. Everyone is nice to you.


    From your partner to strangers on the subway, it's like your belly causes an allergic reaction of pleasantness from everyone you encounter.

    4. Two words: stretchy pants.

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    5. You get sneak peaks of the little person inside of you. / Via


    6. Your skin glows.

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    Increased blood flow in your body contributes to those rosy cheeks.

    7. People take great care of you.

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    Everyone wants to fluff your pillow, bring you a drink, massage your feet — let them look after you before you have to start looking after a baby.

    8. Feeling the baby move.


    It's sort of like that famous scene from Alien, but in the best possible way.

    9. You have a built-in table.

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    And it's so conveniently located!

    10. You can daydream about the future.

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    Your baby's totally going to be president.

    11. Your hair is amazing.

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    An uptick in estrogen extends the hair growth cycle, giving your hair lots of volume.

    12. You get to keep secrets — or blab them.

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    You are the keeper of highly desirable information (the baby's sex, name, etc.), and you and your partner get to decide if you want to tell any of it.

    13. You become a better breakdancer.


    Everyone can do this, right?

    14. You are eating to GAIN weight.

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    A typical pregnant woman needs 350–450 additional calories PER DAY. So go ahead, eat that full-fat frozen yogurt.

    15. Your dreams are crazy.

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    Hormones + increased need for sleep = craziest acid-free trip ever

    16. You grow long, strong nails.

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    Hormones and prenatal vitamins do wonders for your talons. Time for some (well-ventilated) nail art!

    17. You have an awesome prop for sight gags.


    In another month that ball will be regulation size.

    18. You get to shop till you drop.

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    Shopping for maternity clothes, shopping for baby supplies, so much shopping!

    19. Napping is practically required.

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    And you can be like, "Don't mind me, just makin' a baby with my eyes closed."

    20. You get to decorate a nursery.


    No matter the budget, decorating a space that you and your baby will spend countless hours in is seriously fun.

    21. The sex is amazing.

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    A variety of factors, including more blood flow to the genitals, increase sensitivity, so go on, hot mama, do your thang.

    22. You get to track your growing bump.


    One week you're like, "I don't feel any bigger!" and the next week, BAM.

    23. You have an excuse for everything.

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    Forget to send an important email? Pregnancy brain! Didn't clean the house? It's OK, you're pregnant! Too tired to attend that dinner? No worries, you made a human all day!

    24. You get to spend time with people you love.

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    New babies are a wonderful reason to gather people together.

    25. All the cool gear.

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    Baby gear gets cooler by the minute, even if you don't quite understand what it's all for.

    26. You get to name a human.

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    But with great power comes great responsibility. No pressure or anything.

    27. You're extra motivated to take great care of yourself.


    Every decision you make about your diet and fitness affects you AND a tiny person who relies on you to make good choices.

    28. You get to feel like a god, because you are creating LIFE.


    All in a day's work for you and your lady parts.

    29. You're never alone.

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    The baby is always with you, starting a bond that will last for the rest of your lives.

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