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29 Unexpectedly Awesome Things About Being Pregnant

You get more than just a baby out of it.

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7. People take great care of you.

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Everyone wants to fluff your pillow, bring you a drink, massage your feet — let them look after you before you have to start looking after a baby.


12. You get to keep secrets — or blab them.

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You are the keeper of highly desirable information (the baby's sex, name, etc.), and you and your partner get to decide if you want to tell any of it.


23. You have an excuse for everything.

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Forget to send an important email? Pregnancy brain! Didn't clean the house? It's OK, you're pregnant! Too tired to attend that dinner? No worries, you made a human all day!

27. You're extra motivated to take great care of yourself.


Every decision you make about your diet and fitness affects you AND a tiny person who relies on you to make good choices.


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