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So, Who Is Joy?

You've seen the trailers, TV spots, and billboards — but do you know who the real Joy is?

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Inspired by her frustration with mopping, she invented the Miracle Mop. Using her own savings, she created a prototype and sold it on a major television shopping network.

But the real Joy didn't just stop there. She went on to create an empire with her inventions, like the super-successful "Huggable Hangers."

Courtesy of HSN

They also totally look kissable, but hugging them is just fine too. Or, you know, using them to hang your clothes.

She even got a bunch of celebs on board — and they love her products.

Instagram: @joymanganohq

Yes, that's Adriana Lima. THE Adriana Lima. Aw, look how happy she is with her little steamer!

Remember the part about celebrities loving Joy? Well, they like, really love her. In fact, she's helped launch several celebrity brands.

Don't you wish you could go into business with Keith Urban? Or create a line of designer handbags with Iman? If you answered "no," then you're actually a real-life liar.

Oh, and Joy's three kids? They're all grown up now and each plays an integral role in her business.

Instagram: @joymanganohq

Christie, Jacqueline, and Robert all hold high-level positions within Joy's thriving empire.

Head over to HSN to meet Joy and learn more about her products, and see the movie in theaters now!