Which Dummy Are You

Clayton, Austin, or Montana…

  1. When doing your hair in the morning, it usually takes you..
    1. 30 minutes I have to lather my hair in conditioner and make sure it looks good under my hat for all the ladies
    2. I dont want to talk about it.. its a sensitive subject
    3. Am I letting it be poofy today??
  2. Your most said word is..
    1. Dope
    2. Negative
    3. Puppy
  3. You go to get ice cream what flavor is it
    1. Mango /:
    2. Watermelon
    3. Strawberry
  4. You're all in a car, which seat are you in
    1. Driver
    2. Shotgun
    3. You are a strong independent man you drive your own self
  5. Your biggest regret is
    1. Getting my ears pierced
    2. Killing Salmon
    3. Holly

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