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11 Signs You *Definitely* Need A Tax Expert This Year

What's a T4?

If you've said any of these out loud, you definitely could use some extra help this tax season from H&R Block Tax Experts. No shame. That's what experts are here for. Tag yourself!

1. "TBH, I didn't even know it was tax season!"

2. "I'm a student and would love having more money in my pocket."

3. "I usually do them myself but this year I'm WAY too busy."

4. "I'm new to Canada!"

5. "Confession: I have no idea what a T4 is. And while we're here, what's an RRSP?"

6. "I'm a small business owner. 💪"

7. "I have a bunch of side hustles."

8. "I just went through a major life change!"

9. "There are so many benefits, credits, and deductions, and I'm not sure which apply to me."

10. "I want my tax refund ASAP!"

11. "Eek, I've never had to do my own taxes before."

Everyone can use a little help with their taxes! From filing online with a remote expert to dropping them off at one of their many locations or filing in office, H&R Block makes it easy to file your taxes with the help of a Tax Expert. Get started here!