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We Asked Kids To Draw What The World Will Look Like In The Year 2250

Will it be anything like the future predicted in Star Trek Beyond? Learn more about HPE's vision of future technologies, which are much more likely to come to fruition. (No offense, kids.)

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1. Hope you're not afraid of heights, because flying cars seemed to be a pretty common theme among our young artists.

Adyson D.

"My image of the world in 2250 is that there will be flying cars and crazy striped colored buildings. There will have big bridges and highways going through the sky and trees everywhere, with no pollution."

—Adyson, 10

4. Naturally, these flying cars might even include laser beams and force fields.

Bo D.

"In the future, police will have flying cars, and their station will have a force field with laser beams."

—Bo, 9

5. But some kids didn't think things would be that different...

Kyla W.

"Kyla drew her house on the left, herself in the middle (with killer hair, as usual), and her car in the driveway on the right. She specified the sky above the house is full of stars and the moon. I did try to explain how far in the future 250 years is, but I don't think she has a concept of much beyond the next 25 right now. :)"

—Katie, mother of Kyla, 5

7. Others thought that we’re for sure getting upgraded, and our network will be even more connected.

Zadie W.

"A future house will have all the things automatic: elevators instead of stairs, robot cleaners, automatic sliding doors, talking toilets, 20-seat cars, and 200-key pianos."

—Zadie, 9

8. This little girl thinks planets will become actual rides.

Ruby H.

"In the year 2250, kids will ride planets like rides at Disney World. Everyone on Earth will be happy, and Mother Earth will have a big smile on her face."

—Ruby, 5

9. Architecture as we know it will be totally reinvented...

Nate T.

"This picture is a whole bunch of skyscrapers that go above the clouds. In this city of tomorrow, there are lots of flying vehicles. The skyscrapers that I have in my picture are different shapes and sizes and are very, very tall buildings that would break height records of today like the Burj Khalifa. They have shapes that you would probably never see today like a unique-looking pyramid or a tall building that looks like a volcano. This is my idea of what the city of tomorrow can look like, and maybe this is what it will look like in several hundred years."

—Nate, 8

10. ...and we'll start appreciating what's old again, in a real ~artsy~ way.

Isaiah W.

"In the future, we'll have hover bridges and funky-shaped cars and houses shaped like aliens and dinosaurs."

—Isaiah, 11

Check out Star Trek Beyond, now in theaters, and see what kind of futuristic coolness HPE is whipping up today!