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We Asked Kids To Draw What The World Will Look Like In The Year 2250

Will it be anything like the future predicted in Star Trek Beyond? Learn more about HPE's vision of future technologies, which are much more likely to come to fruition. (No offense, kids.)

1. Hope you're not afraid of heights, because flying cars seemed to be a pretty common theme among our young artists.

2. They’ll be hovering in the skies over major cities. (Think the traffic will be better??)

3. This is for sure the future we all want to be living in.

4. Naturally, these flying cars might even include laser beams and force fields.

5. But some kids didn't think things would be that different...

6. ...which is really very comforting.

7. Others thought that we’re for sure getting upgraded, and our network will be even more connected.

8. This little girl thinks planets will become actual rides.

9. Architecture as we know it will be totally reinvented...

10. ...and we'll start appreciating what's old again, in a real ~artsy~ way.

Check out Star Trek Beyond, now in theaters, and see what kind of futuristic coolness HPE is whipping up today!