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10 Times Jonathan Van Ness's Show Made Us Pee Our Pants

Jonathan Van Ness went on a 10-city tour with to follow his stand-up career, and things got wild.

1. OK, we can't not start with this GIF:

2. When he showed us the video of him doing a backflip...

3. ...and he was so proud of himself.

4. Or the time he got, uh, real personal.

5. What about the time he practiced ultimate self-care in his hotel room?

6. When this happened:

7. When he got real about the way he looks.

8. The time he received an extremely unhelpful back massage.

9. When he watched women's figure skating and completely freaked out.

10. And when he walked onto the stage like this:

There were so many classic JVN moments during his tour that we can't possibly list them all. You need to see it for yourself. Catch Hotels.comedy Presents: 10 Nights With Jonathan Van Ness, and fall in love with your favorite boy all over again.

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