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15 Quick Tips About Weebly

Over the years building a website was a tiring and cumbersome and difficult process, where you are required to pay a lot to someone or learn to use complex coding languages to put you website structure and design together to arrive at what you can refer to as your website, some of these complex languages are HTML and CSS.

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HTML can help you put together the structural framework for the website, while CSS helps you to decorate the structure by applying different color schemes to give you the outlook you desire for your site.

In more recent times there has been the proliferation of different website building platform that offers you the convenience to create your website without having any knowledge of complex programming languages. These website builders offer you simple drag and drop features that can help you structure and arrange your website, and you need to do is just the basic arrangement, they have got all the complex areas of website building covered from security to maintenance. Some of these platforms include; Weebly, Wix, and Squarespace. Our focus will be on Weebly as website creation platform.

Weebly is one of the fastest growing website creation platforms. It was started in 2007 with an intention of creating the easiest platform where anyone can create a personal website or a website for their business. Weebly currently has a remarkable number of registered accounts at over 40 million. The number of visitors on different sites built, designed and currently hosted with Weebly is a monthly figure of 325 million.

The website building platform review shows that it offers an excellent design functionality that helps you drag and drop content, creating excellent content and layout. Weebly review also shows that it is an excellent competition to other website builders. We will also be reviewing features and what is required to get started on Weebly. Here are 15 quick and amazing tips to know when coming onboard Weebly;

1 getting started on Weebly

When getting started with Weebly, all you need is your name, login email address, and a password. You are then open to four different account types with three of these being premium accounts that you pay a specific amount and you are given access to myriads of features and content to create the website you desire. The different account types are free, starter, pro, and business.

2 website building process

One of the excellent features that stands out in creating a website with Weebly is its excellent drag and drop adaptability, it allows you to pick up any content element or item like videos, photos, texts and maps to any position or area on your website and it appears just the same way on the finished website. You do not require any code or programming skill on Html and CSS to get started on this. It also has a built text editor that works like any standard word processor software that allows you edit your text. If you also know a bit of code Weebly offers you a space to also go creative.

3 design themes

Weebly offer you an array of over 100 themes and template that you can professionally use to customize your website using the drag and drop tool. Each theme comes with an excellent color scheme that can make your website distinct.

4 slideshow features

With the Weebly slideshow maker, you can easily upload images from your device using the drag and drop. The slideshow maker offer you six beautiful slide show template to choose from, you can take control of the type of transition, transition speed and the automatic transition feature on the slideshow.

5 mobile responsiveness

Websites designed with Weebly are adaptable, versatile and responsive to mobile devices like android and apple. The website mobile editor on Weebly helps you create your amazing mobile experience and you can test this using Weebly's virtual mobile feature.

6 Blogging

Weebly offers a great blogging experience. With the content management system you can take control of a whole lot of features on your blog; integrate your blog with your social media with commenting, you can control sidebars, tags, categories and RSS feed.

7 E-commerce

Weebly e-commerce offers the different secure payment option for your online store with SSL encryption. You can integrate secure checkout, a system for tracking inventory, and a shopping cart. Whatever your e-commerce needs Weebly offers amazing designs that can give awesome shopping experience to your customers.

8 Search Engine Optimization, SEO

Websites built with Weebly comes with SEO feature. Accounts are incorporated with HTML tags, description and Meta tags and a sitemap. This will help you show up in a search engine.

9 Analytics

You can keep track of visitors on your website. The statistic tool enables you to know the number of views on a given page, search word used and overall views you get on your website. You can also add google analytics if you require it.

10. Site security

The different plans on Weebly come with a different level of security for your website against hackers and spams, you can secure just a single page or the whole pages on the website. For those using the paid pro plan you can create a membership area where you can add over 100 members and this can be more for higher plans, the business plan also comes with secure socket and SSL security layer that creates a secure connection between the site host and the audience.

11. Site speed

The themes available and the cloud-based hosting system that enhances performance, adapted to provides little or no time spent on loading your website at the user end.

12. Form builder

You can use the form builder on Weebly to make forms or any other data collection structure for your contact using the drag and drop feature. You can make text boxes and drop downs appropriate for data collection. This forms can be delivered to your email or viewed on your notification panel.

13. Pricing

Weebly offer four plans, these plan includes free, starter, pro, and business. The various plans come with an additional feature to give an account holder a unique experience. The paid plans give you access to customize your website to give an excellent user experience.

14. Storage

Free plan comes with a limited storage space of about 500 gigabytes and each file on this plan cannot exceed 12 megabytes. The pro plan offers a storage space of 250 megabytes on every file used. There's no limit to the bandwidths and pages available for higher plans.

15. Advanced theme editor

The advance editor module that comes with Weebly allows you to apply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to give you a more personalized experience. You can add widgets and much more.

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