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12 Comebacks That Beat The Odds

Comeback stories are just the best, aren't they? Let's be happy for all of these comeback stories because honestly, we couldn't imagine a world without them. And with the sweet comeback of Hostess, there's never been a better time to celebrate these achievements!

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1. Arrested Development

Fox Broadcasting Company / Via

Before Its Comeback: After three hilarious seasons on the air, the cult classic Arrested Development was taken off the air in 2006, leaving many to believe that it was the last they would see of the Bluth family.

How It Made Its Comeback: In May 2013, 15 brand-new episodes premiered online and there are even talks of a possible movie.

2. Abraham Lincoln


Before His Comeback: After failing at two business attempts, Abraham Lincoln decided to take on the world of politics with very little luck. He lost when he ran for Congress, lost twice when he ran for the Senate, and finally lost out as a candidate for vice president.

How He Made His Comeback: Despite the setbacks, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election in 1860 and went on to became one of the most iconic presidents in American history.

3. Jennifer Hudson

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Before Her Comeback: Jennifer Hudson first became a household name when she was a contestant on American Idol in 2003. She came in 7th place and stepped out of the spotlight after being voted out.

How She Made Her Comeback: In 2006, Jennifer got the chance to star as Effie White in the film adaption of Dreamgirls. She blew audiences and critics away, even winning herself an Oscar for her portrayal. She has gone on to star in nine more films and has released two successful studio albums.

4. Polaroid


Before Its Comeback: In 2008, news broke that Polaroid would stop all production on their products, including its iconic instant cameras and film.

How It Made Its Comeback: The Impossible Project in Denmark purchased a Polaroid factory and have been producing and perfecting the Polaroid film ever since. They are even releasing a new camera in August called the Instant Lab that takes photos right from your phone and prints them out on Polaroid film.

5. Kurt Warner

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Before His Comeback: After a successful college football career, Kurt Warner initially was not drafted by any professional football teams. He was later asked to train with a team for one season, but he was let go early and his football career seemed to hit a wall. He went on to become an assistant college football coach while stocking shelves at a local grocery store.

How He Made His Comeback: Determined to not give up, Warner began to play again, and was eventually signed to a professional team in 1998. He went on to break many football records and become a two-time MVP.

6. Volkswagen Beetle

Martin Cathrae / Via Flickr: suckamc

Before Its Comeback: After becoming popular in the 1950s and 60s, the Volkswagen Beetle stopped being sold in the US in 1978, and worldwide production completely stopped in the mid-80s.

How It Made Its Comeback: Volkswagen premiered a new-and-improved Beetle at the Detroit Auto Show in 1994. Because of the positive response at the show, the Beetle immediately went into production and was back on the market in 1998 to critical and commercial success.

7. Marvel Comics

Marvel Entertainment / Via

Before Their Comeback: After almost 60 years of being in the comic book business, Marvel filed for bankruptcy in 1996, leaving the future of the company in jeopardy.

How They Made Their Comeback: Marvel released the first X-Men movie in 2000, which was an enormous success. After many more blockbuster films throughout the years, Marvel was purchased for $4 billion.

8. Santana

Fank Micelotta/ImageDirect

Before Their Comeback: After a run of successful albums in the 1960s and 70s, Santana was eventually dropped from their label due to declining record sales and vanished from the spotlight for seven years.

How They Made Their Comeback: After signing with legendary producer Clive Davis, Santana released the album Supernatural that included the smash-hit "Smooth." The album went on to sell over 30 million albums and won nine Grammys, including Record and Album of the Year.

9. Soap Operas


Before Their Comeback: After many years on the air, dedicated fans said goodbye to two classic soap operas All My Children and One Life To Live.

How They Made Their Comeback: In April of 2013, both soaps came back, premiering new episodes online and are now being shown on the OWN Network.

10. Veronica Mars

Silver Pictures Television / Via

Before Its Comeback: After three season on the air, Veronica Mars aired its last episode in 2007, leaving many "marshmallows" wanting more.

How it Made Its Comeback: In 2013, the creators went to the fans to bring the cult classic back to life, starting a Kickstarter to raise money for a much anticipated movie. In only 12 hours, the movie surpassed its $2 million goal needed to make the project a reality, and the movie is expected to be released in 2014.

11. Steve Jobs

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Before His Comeback: After being let go from the company he cofounded, things weren't looking too good for Steve Jobs. He attempted to start his own computer company for educators, but because of several setbacks the systems were never produced.

How He Made His Comeback:In 1997, Steve was brought back as Apple's CEO. It was during his comeback that Apple created technological innovations that reinvented the company and the tech world forever.

12. Katharine Hepburn

Everett Collection

Before Her Comeback: Although she had a lot of success early in her career, a string of movie flops gave Katharine Hepburn the nickname "box office poison" by the studio executives. She bought herself out of her contract and decided to leave Hollywood in 1938.

How She Made Her Comeback: Hepburn starred in the Broadway play The Philadelphia Story in 1939, which became a major success. In 1940, Hepburn decided to return to Hollywood to star in the movie version, which became one of the most successful films of the year.