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11 Times Everyone Has Wished They Had A Third Hand

Finally, there's a snack that needs no third hand! Grab a Hormel REV Wrap whenever you’re on the go for real food that keeps you eating and doing with just two hands.

1. When you're bringing in groceries.

2. When you're running late and wish you could be brushing your hair while you also brush your teeth.

3. When you just want to put on your other glove.

4. Or a darn bracelet.

5. When you're playing a competitive game of Twister.

6. When you're taking a selfie but also holding a drink...

7. Or clapping at a crowded concert while holding a drink...

8. Or when you’re trying to mingle while holding a drink and simultaneously reaching for hors d'oeuvres.

9. At an important swim meet.

10. On the monkey bars.

11. And when you're taking an impromptu nap.

Stay full on a full schedule even without that third hand with Hormel REV Wraps. With real meat and cheese, it's food that makes it easy to eat and do.