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What Is Absolutely, No Question, Schmidt's Best Moment On "New Girl"?

"I am filled with waters of rage."

Every New Girl character is wonderful in their own way, but Schmidt is arguably the greatest of them all.

So what's his best moment?

Maybe it's when he threw a "re-branding event" (party) for himself to celebrate the fact that his penis was no longer broken.

Schmidt is dancing and says, "Yes, my penis is working"

Or maybe it's when he went looking for his daughter at a fancy preschool and heard about a break-in.

A child says, "A white man broke in today," "Schmidt says, "A white man, no, well what did security do about it," the child says, "Nothing," and Schmidt yells, "Typical"

Or maybe it's when he made a fantastic video for Jess's birthday.

Schmidt edited a video of himself walking away from a car and blowing it up, then saying, "Happy birthday, Jess"

Let me know your favorite Schmidt moment and why in the comments blow! Some of the responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.