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15 Tiny Little Things That Completely And Totally Ruin Movies For People

"When someone says, 'This isn't a movie, it's real life.'"

Movies are great, but sometimes little things reeeeaaallly get in the way of enjoying them. That's why, when Reddit user u/Lucaswebb asked, "Reddit, what instantly ruins a movie for you?", they received thousands of responses.

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Here are 15 of the answers.

1. "Working class single mom, two to three kids. Lives in a $2 million dollar house."

"Let's pretend this house isn't millions of dollars" written over the the house from "Misses Doubtfire"
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2. "When the monster shows up and kills some extras instantly but just picks up the main character to throw them across the room, and then the main character doesn't have any injuries."

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3. "Ridiculously unrealistic hackers."

Elizabeth Meriwether Pictures / 20th Century Fox Television / Via

"Hacker: 'It'll take me about three hours to hack this.'

Character: 'Well, you have three minutes.'

Hacker: (typing furiously) 'I'm in.'"


4. "When a character starts reciting a line from a book or poem and another character finishes it, and then all of a sudden they're in love."

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5. "Random destruction that holds no weight and is never mentioned again."

A car flying between buildings in "Furious 7"
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"Like 300 cars stuck in traffic that randomly explode for no reason at all. You've just killed at least 300 imaginary people. That sort of thing would devastate an entire country in the real world, but the movie forgets it even happens less than five minutes later."


6. "When someone says, 'This isn't a movie, it's real life.'"

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7. "Someone pushing open an access panel in an elevator to climb into the shaft to do something heroic. Been in loads of them, never seen one where you can do that."

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"It's almost like they are designed so that random fools can't climb into an incredibly dangerous environment."


8. "Incorrect medical jargon, particularly medications."

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9. "Movies based on books that had NO romance or romantic plots, but then they're shoehorned into the movie anyway and usually take over the main plot."

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10. "When teenagers are played by unrealistically hot grown-ass adults."

Rachel McAdams was twenty-six when she played Regina George in "Mean Girls"
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11. "For me and most fellow veterans I know, it's whenever they have characters in military uniforms. Unless they have done their research, there will probably be something wrong with the uniform that most people who have been in the military will spot instantly."

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12. "Carrying or pretending to drink from obviously empty coffee cups. Hate it."

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13. "'If you kill them, you'll become just like them!' So all those countless goons who were slaughtered don't count, huh?"

14. "When they try to explain the science in science fiction, it always makes it less believable."

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"Just let people accept it as a premise, unless the science is relevant to the plot."


15. And finally, "Someone's hair/makeup magically looking good when it makes no sense. It's so unrealistic and takes me out of the scene."

"Sure, this makes sense," written over Katniss in "The Hunger Games"

Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.