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    24 Bonkers Kitchen Designs That Prove Humanity Never Had A Chance

    I love to shower next to my microwave.

    1. This little fridge box in the middle of a room.

    2. This door/counter combo.

    3. This acute angle.

    4. This vibrating fridge.

    5. This hidden violence.

    6. This monstrosity of a kitchen floor.

    7. This support beam.

    8. This un-load-able dishwasher.

    9. This horrific sofa-esque design choice.

    10. This shower next to the microwave.

    11. This background door.

    12. This unstable cabinet nightmare.

    13. This outdoor setup.

    14. This light switch.

    15. This tile.

    16. This pillar.

    17. This perfectly safe wall next to this stove.

    18. This sink.

    19. This tight squeeze.

    20. This baffling set of stairs.

    21. This outlet that's ideal for all of your electrical needs.

    22. This misplaced stove hood, or this misplaced stove.

    23. This all-around disaster.

    24. And finally, this toilet.