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    36 Men Who Were Like, "Yep, I Know Women, And I Don't Need To Do Any Research"

    No one showers while wearing a pad. I don't even know how that would work.

    Women! They're such confusing creatures! So how can we fault the following men for thinking they know anything about women when they really, absolutely, painfully don't? Give men a break! They don't get enough of those.

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    1. Let's start with the way women mourn their friends.

    2. Yeah, 100%, this is a real aspect of penis-in-vagina sex.


    3. Freud and his not-at-all misogynist views.

    4. The downside of renting to women who have periods.

    5. "Using the standing measure."

    6. Indiana Joan.

    7. Science.

    8. The vag bag.

    9. Like a Kit Kat.

    10. Women can't have autism.

    11. The little-known fact that boobs are muscle.

    12. Women are too scatter-brained and emotional.

    13. This threat.

    14. Showering on your period.

    15. How eyes and boobs synch up.

    16. Human women are like cats.

    17. The mysterious third hole.

    18. This expert on menstrual pain.

    19. The existence of lesbianism.

    20. All of this.

    21. The number of pounds all women weigh.

    22. The encouragement for periods.

    23. The miracle of childbirth.

    24. Padmé Amidala's entire identity, apparently.

    25. A wholesome conversation about prom.

    26. The average age range for menopause.

    27. This is how I describe myself, too.

    28. Vulva is not an English word.

    29. Tiny clits all over.

    30. A perfectly normal job posting.

    31. This totally normal and understandable phrase.

    32. Breast milk sprays out when bras rip apart.

    33. Pap smears are arousing.

    34. Breasts don't conform to the rules of gravity.

    35. Let's ask men if women hate women.

    36. And finally, this quote that, look, is absolutely not from a real-life human woman.