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    36 Bonkers Text Exchanges That Aren't For The Faint Of Heart

    "I have never begged anyone like this before."

    In case you need some of that thrilling combination of confusion, anger, and hilarity, here are 36 harrowing texts women have actually gotten from real-life men.

    1. I'm fascinated by this.

    2. He's doing some very important research.

    3. Like a Kit Kat.

    A message from Jack that says, I could ear you like a kit kat, I was thinking of spreading it in half and sucking all the chocolate off before I nibble the edges, and she responds, Have you ever slept with a woman before Jack

    4. Maybe lead with "Hello."

    5. A sad turn of events.

    6. The "order." Oof!

    7. Plus, "It's time for a nude."

    8. A wholesome conversation about prom.

    9. This baffling request.

    10. Periods do not come from the butt, folks.

    11. Jesus Christ.

    12. A post first date exchange.

    13. Yeah, the issue was the word "pussy."

    14. Breast milk facts.

    15. Oh my god.

    16. The literal wording is eerie.

    17. Pap smears are arousing.

    18. Maybe let women be?

    19. Pregnancy.

    20. Some things should stay in the past.

    21. Okay, um, yeah, so now we have this.

    22. Phil being an absolute dickhead.

    23. Funerals < jerking it.

    24. Ah yes, the g-spot and its pattern of hiding.

    25. ????????

    26. Gosh, poor guy.

    27. Insulting someone's entire gender is, without fail, the way to their heart.

    28. The Febreze.

    29. On yeast infections.

    30. And hysterectomies.

    31. At least we got a brilliant response out of this.

    A man texts, I think u need a real horse dock guy right, and she responds, neigh

    32. Only respectful people deserve that suit.

    33. Sometimes, imagination is a bad thing.

    34. The wordsmith.

    35. Yeah, 100%, this is a real aspect of penis-in-vagina sex.

    a long thread about feminism, virginity, and sex

    36. And finally, every one of these conversations.

    A bunch of men not knowing where people with vaginas pee out of