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    21 Perfect Or Nearly Perfect Outfits Rachel, Monica, And Phoebe Wore On "Friends"

    It's miniskirt o'clock.

    1. This Rachel outfit that would make me feel like a ballerina and also a spy.

    2. This pajama onesie Phoebe absolutely rocks.

    3. This Monica outfit that's bold enough to be cool but not bold enough to make you self-conscious on public transportation.

    4. This classy Rachel ensemble that I personally would love to wear while walking though an Italian vineyard, but that's just me.

    5. This Monica dress that feels like something a teacher would wear in their free time and I mean that in the best sense.

    6. This pretty Rachel work outfit that I cannot find a single flaw in.

    7. This fancy Monica dress that's perfect for a famous people gambling ring or something.

    8. This Rachel look that may be my favorite of this whole list.

    9. This very summery Phoebe outfit that's a picnic stock photo dream.

    10. This Rachel overall winner that I want to wear on every plane ride I ever take now.

    11. This Monica co-ord that screams, "I work hard and I play somewhat less hard, but I still play," which is my ideal vibe.

    12. This comfy Phoebe look that I want to wear while eating warm cookies, despite the fact that light jeans are not my usual thing.

    13. This chill Rachel dress that would only take two seconds to put on and then bam, you're cutesy.

    14. This casually confidently Monica outfit.

    15. This Phoebe maternity outfit that's a lot but it's working.

    16. This Rachel look that's extremely adorable without being annoying about it.

    17. This sweater outfit from Monica that may seem ordinary but is secretly very cute.

    18. This Phoebe dress that's perfume-ad classy.

    19. This ensemble that makes Rachel look like a fun queen b.

    20. This professional Monica outfit that's made for a high-stakes artsy meeting where you hold your ground against the crotchety CEO.

    21. And finally, this Rachel look that I want to own so much I could throw a tantrum about it and remain reasonable.