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    17 Joey And Ross Moments That Prove Their Dynamic Is Funnier Than We Give Them Credit For

    "I hear 'divorce,' I immediately go to Ross."

    1. When Ross needed some advice.

    Ross says, "Do you have a minute, I'd like to talk to you about something I'm really uncomfortable talking about," Joey says, "Sure, how about, uh, you showering with your mom," and Ross says, "I actually had a topic in mind"
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    This may be my favorite Friends joke of all time. It's certainly top-tier.

    2. When Rachel made an English trifle that had a layer of beef sautéed with peas and onions.

    Joey says, "I like it," Ross says, "Are you kidding," and Joey says, "What's not to like, custard good, jam good meat good"
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    3. When Monica asked Joey what he'd do if he were omnipotent for a day.

    Joey says, "Hey, if Little Joey's dead, then I got no reason to live, you know," Ross says, "Joey, OMnipotent," and Joey asks, "You are"
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    4. When they napped together and looked adorable as hell.

    Joey and Ross look very comfortable napping together and cuddling, then they realize they're napping together and cuddling, and they scream and jump up
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    Basically, this whole storyline is great. Comfiness > the confines of traditional masculinity.

    5. When Ross was on the phone outside and Joey was sure he was smiling, so Joey tried to prove you could tell if someone was smiling or frowning while they were turned around.

    Joey says, "Smile, frown, smile, frown" and Ross turns around and looks at him confused
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    6. When Joey broke his fridge and wanted to get his friends to split the cost of a new one with him, so he pushed Ross into the broken one.

    Joey pushes Ross into the fridge, Ross says, "What the hell are you doing," and Joey says, "What the hell am I doing, you just broke my fridge"
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    7. When Joey helped Ross with dirty talk.

    Ross says, "Okay, I want to feel your hot, soft skin with my lips," Joey says, "There you go, keep going, keep going," and Chandler comes out of his room and listens as Ross says, "I want to take my tongue and"
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    8. When Ross just wanted to be cool.

    Ross and Joey takes sips of a drink, Ross likes it and Joey hates it, but Ross sees that Joey hates it and Ross fakes a grossed out face, too
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    9. When Joey had a science question for Ross.

    Joey says, "If the 'Homo sapiens' were, in fact, HOMO that why they're extinct," Ross says, Joey, 'Homo sapiens' are people," and Joey says, "Hey, I'm not judging"
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    10. When Ross made Joey his best man, so Joey had to plan the bachelor party.

    Joey says, "This is what I've got going for the party so far, liquor-wise, get a lot of liquor," and Ross says, "Great"
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    11. When Ross, Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel were late for Thanksgiving.

    Ross says, "We'll say that we were mugged, you can't get mad at someone who's been mugged," Phoebe says, "That's good, but you don't look like you were mugged," Joey says, "Here," then he rips off a huge part of Ross's shirt and Ross yells, "Hey"
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    12. When Joey had the perfect comeback.

    Ross says, "Hello, didn't you read 'Lord of the Rings' in high school," Chandler also scoffs, but then Joey says, "No, I had sex in high school"
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    13. When Ross thought he was tough.

    Ross says, "Hey, Tribbiani, give me that coffee, now," and Joey pushes Ross so hard that he flies over the Central Perk couch
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    14. When they realized they were dating the same woman, so they tried to sabotage each other.

    Ross says, "Hey, Joey, have you ever been so hungry on a date that when the girl goes to the bathroom, you eat some of her food," Joey's eyes go wide, and  "You said the waiter ate my crab cake."
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    15. When they got stuck on the roof and tried to get down via the fire escape.

    Joey's hanging off the ladder and Ross says, "Should I climb down your front so we're face to face or down your back so we're butt to face," then Ross's crotch is in Joey's face and Joey says, "I don't think we thought it all the way through"
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    16. When Monica summed them up perfectly.

    Chandler says, "I was really confused, and then I talked to these guys," Monica says, "Who, 'two divorces' and Joey," Ross says, "Hey," Joey says, "She's right, you know," and Ross says, "Yeah, but still, cheap shot"
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    17. And finally, when Joey injured Ross multiple times in one conversation and apologized using air quotes because he didn't know what they meant.

    Joey opens the door on Ross's hand, Ross looks at him angrily, and Joey does air quotes and says, "Oops"
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